Fortnite Crew Skins Might Not Be Exclusive After All

fortnite crew skins exclusive

Epic Games

New to Fortnite Season 5 is the addition of the Crew subscription, a monthly subscription service that gives players V-Bucks and exclusive cosmetics.

The main draw of this when it was first announced was the fact that all of the cosmetics included in the monthly pack would remain exclusive for good.

This means that Galaxia and Green Arrow, the first two skins that were introduced, would be lost forever if players weren’t subscribed for that particular month.

While that still might be the case, the recent wording use by Epic in their announcement that Green Arrow was leaving could prove otherwise.

Let’s breakdown what they said and what it could mean for all of the Crew skins going forward.

Crew Skins Rotate?

We knew that Green Arrow was already being rotated out in favor of the February bundle, but good ol’ Oliver Queen might not be gone for good.

The final sentence of Epic’s tweet seems to indicate that this skins could come back in some shape or form.

“Join the Fortnite Crew to unlock the exclusive Green Arrow Crew Pack before it rotates out for now.”

The main thing to focus on there are the words “for now,” which would seemingly indicate he could come back at some point in the future.

Item Shop Release?

Now, assuming this wording actually means something and isn’t a mistake, we have to wonder if this means Green Arrow would rotate back as a Crew skin or if he’d end up being an Item Shop skin.

If he and the other skins ever do come back, it’d make a lot more sense for them to do so as Item Shop releases because it would be a slap in the face for Crew subscribers to run into a skin they already have for a month.

Of course, nobody knows what the plans are except for Epic. If we had to guess, this seems like poor phrasing because having these skins ever release somewhere else seems to diminish the whole point of the subscription. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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