Epic Responds to Fortnite Superhero Skin Controversy

fortnite superhero skin controversy response

Epic Games / Reddit

It seems pretty clear by now that although Epic intended for players to use their Fortnite superhero skins to make their own hero to stand with their Marvel and DC counterparts, many have decided to just abuse the system by becoming a solid color.

There are many players who own the skin, but instead of making colorful designs, they instead decided to make it all black, making the outfit incredibly hard to see in dark areas.

You’ll then remember that console players don’t even have the option to disable shadows, so this is extremely overpowered on Xbox and PlayStation. Even though it’s been months since the cosmetics released, it only seems like it’s getting more popular, so players are raising the issue more often.

An Epic Games developer finally stepped in and said the team is looking into it.

Epic Responds

Reddit user gstaffEpic, who is flagged as an Epic Games developer, responded to a thread showing how overpower the all black superhero skin is, said the team is looking at it.

“We’re looking at it,” the dev said. “Thanks everyone for raising it.”

Now, it’s not entirely clear if they are just going to look at tinkering with the lighting, or if they are planning on changing the skins themselves. Either way would be a nice option, especially for console players.

What’s The Problem?

So do you guys think the black superhero skins need a nerf? from FortNiteBR

The post itself that got the attention shows a superhero skin in the corner of a room, but you can see it’s incredibly difficult to spot.

If you could just disable shadows, it’d be easier to see for players, but that’s just not an option on console.

Of course, this player in the corner isn’t particularly in any sort of superior situation as their back is turned to the other player, but if you ever wanted to hide, this would be the way to do it.

It’ll be interesting to see what Epic comes up with and if they even hand out a nerf to this skin or not.

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