The Mandalorian Has a New Fortnite Bounty to Hunt Down

fortnite mandalorian bounty

Epic Games

We’re into a new month of Fortnite and it looks like the season-long plot is getting ready to kick it into another gear.

Throughout most of Season 5, we’ve seen Jonesy going to various universes and tracking down the best of the best bounty hunters in an effort to help protect whatever threat is looming over the island.

There have been little teases about how big this foe was, with perhaps the biggest hint coming from the Drift teasers that brought Vi to Fortnite, but we still don’t know who or what’s coming to the island.

On February 1, Epic Games dropped a big teaser of their own, but it involves the Mandalorian and his new bounty.


In a short clip, we can see Mando checking his datapad for a new bounty and we see the Triggerfish of all people popping up as his next target.

As far as we know, this character hasn’t been a problem throughout the entire season, and we actually thought he was on our side, so maybe Mandalorian is going rogue or getting bounties from a bad guy.

With so many hunters on the island at this point, Mando might not be the only person that received this message, so it might end up being open season on Triggerfish skins.

It’s tough to tell exactly what’s going on with such a short clip, but perhaps we can learn even more once the next update hits.

When’s the Next Patch?

There’s a growing belief that Fortnite v15.30 will be arriving some time this week, with the biggest sign being there aren’t any leaked challenges for Week 10.

Typically, we’d know what’s coming up if they were in the files, so the fact that these aren’t in there means that there will need to be an update.

It’s shaping up to be a large update, so even if there isn’t more information about this Triggerfish bounty, there’s still a lot to look forward to.

If The Mandalorian does somehow turn out to be a bad guy, that would certainly be a twist that very few people saw coming. Keep in mind that he’s a bounty hunter first, so he might be willing to do anything for a bit of money.