What to Expect in Fortnite v14.60: Downtime, Venom & More

fortnite v14.60 patch notes

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The end of Fortnite Season 4 is fast approaching and there are many indications that v14.60 could end up being the last update of the season.

This means that this will more than likely end up being a pretty big update as it’ll have to contain much of the season-ending event, provided Epic doesn’t come out with a small update that adds the event stuff.

No matter what the case may be, we should definitely be getting a lot of info about the future of Fortnite from this patch from leakers, so that’ll definitely be exciting.

Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about this upcoming update.

Fortnite v14.60 Downtime

As is the case with any major update, the v14.60 patch will require downtime. This means Fortnite will have to go offline for a short amount of time while the changes are made.

When this happens, you’ll be unable to access the game, but this usually doesn’t take longer than an hour or so.

Downtime begins at 4 a.m. ET / 1 a.m. PT on November 18.

Fortnite v14.60 Bug Fixes

While patch notes are now a thing of the past in Fortnite Chapter 2, we do know what’s being fixed in terms of bugs.

Thanks to the Fortnite Trello board, we’re able to keep track of some nagging issues that plague the game in an effort to stay up to date on what’s being worked on.

Here’s everything that’s currently labeled as having a fix in the next update:

  • Disabled voice chat cannot be re-enabled on Xbox Series X|S.
  • Team Size setting does not properly function when Join In Progress is set to Join Next Round. (Creative)
  • Wild West Llama not granting Steampunk weapon. (Save the World)

It’s not a whole lot to look forward to, but that could just because there aren’t a ton of bugs affecting the game at the moment.

Venom & DC Comics

On November 16, Venom was officially teased for the first time, but this is a character we knew would be coming for quite a while now.

On top of this, we’re getting the DC Comics bundle titled “The Last Laugh” that introduces both The Joker and Poison Ivy, along with a new Midas skin.

At this time, it’s unclear as to why Epic would introduce a DC bundle now, so that might actually end up being a hint at where we’re going to go in Season 5.

The end of the season is nearly here, so all of our questions will soon be answered.

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