Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha Joins Icon Series

fortnite icon series bugha

Epic Games

The news is out and the next addition to the Fortnite Icon Series in the World Cup winner himself Kyle ‘Bugha‘ Giersdorf.

This news comes from Bugha himself, who peaked at over 100,000 viewers on Twitch for the announcement. While we thought we knew who the next skin was going to be, it turns out that Epic had something else up their sleeves.

Bugha is best known for his victory at the Fortnite World Cup, but he has continued to make a name for himself through other competitive events such as the seasonal FNCS tournaments.

Now, all of that hard work has paid off for him and he’s been rewarded with a new Icon Series skin.

Bugha Skin Release Date

For those of you waiting to get your hands on the new Bugha skin, rest assured that the wait isn’t very long at all.

The release date is July 20, so you’ll only have a day to wait before you can grab the skin and add it to your locker.

This bundle will include the Zoey Trophy Back Bling, the Bugha Blades Pickaxe and the Bring it Around emote. No Icon Series skin would be complete with variants and that’s no different here as you’ll get the Bugha Elite Style and World Champion Bugha style included here.

On top of the outfits, there will also be a tournament and a new Arena mode to partake in.

New Arena Mode

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From July 20 to 28, there will be a new mode called Bugha’s Late Game Arena mode that will let players drastically improve their late game play.

In the competitive setting, late game rotations and moving zones are what it’s all about. This new mode will start you with a full loadout and materials, while also throwing you directly into the third zone. This means you’ll be able to skip the early game looting where there’s no action and get straight to the meat and potatoes of competitive.

This LTM certainly sounds like a good idea, and hopefully it finds a way to stick around in some way or another because it’ll be very good for players looking to improve.

Arena hype will be exclusive to this mode and if you reach 1,500 hype by July 28, you’ll be eligible to participate in the Trios tournament.

Bugha’s Late Game Tournament

bugha fortnite icon series

Epic Games / Bugha

This Trios tournament will be like the Arena mode, but instead you’ll be going against anybody who managed to hit 1,500 hype in the course of the eight days it’s available.

What helps this tournament stand out is the massive $100,000 prize pool that will split between each region. If you and your trio think you have what it takes to come away with a chunk of the prize, make sure you grind the Arena mode while it’s there.

It will be spread across two rounds, with each round being two hours long. You will be able to play a maximum of 10 matches, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting this done since the games will run shorter than your typical Fortnite match.

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