Where to Find Paint For Toona Fish in Fortnite

fortnite toona fish

Epic Games

With the start of Fortnite Season 8, players have another customizable skin to collect things for.

Instead of gathering up Alien Artifacts like we did last season with Kymera, we’re looking for paint bottles that will give our new Toona Fish skin a fresh look.

Collecting the bottles will unlock new color schemes that are based on other skins in the game. This includes names like the Red Knight and Lexa, so if you like the way a certain skin looks in Fortnite, there’s a decent change that you can tailor your Toona Fish character to look like that.

Of course, all of this comes down to what paints you have collected. These bottles are scattered all across the map, and they will only start to show up on your minimap once you get closer to them.

If you don’t want to track down the paints on your own, you can just use this map and collect them in a hurry.

Where to Find Paint Bottles

fortnite season 8 paint locations

Epic Games / Fortnite.gg

The cool thing about these paint bottles is that they encourage you to explore all around the map. This map comes courtesy of Fortnite.gg, a website where you’re able to check out all sorts of interesting things like chest spawns, NPC spawns, and much more.

With so many of them available to collect, you’ll have to hit pretty much the entirety of the map. There haven’t been many changes this season when it comes to POIs, but you’ll quickly see that the map does feel a lot different than it did just last week.

Perhaps you’ll notice something things are you’re hunting for the paint, maybe you could even come across the newly-named Bluevin cube.

Something this map also does is show you exactly where to collect a certain color for your Toona Fish. If you’re not interested in many of these color schemes, then you can just prioritize others first. It’s a very cool system and it makes Toona Fish easily the most customizable skin we’ve ever had.

What Toona Fish Are You Rocking?

fortnite season 8

Epic Games

With so many different combinations to use, you’re bound to come across a lot of variations on the same skin, which is what makes it so cool.

Another cool aspect of the skin itself is the fact that you can also give the glider a new color scheme if you’d like. However, this does come with some downsides and it’s the fact that the Toona Fish glider is extremely loud. When you’re dropping out of the Battle Bus, you’re really going to have to listen to other players around you.

On other hand, if you’re gliding in on another player, they’ll definitely hear you. The glider does also give off a big ink trail, so it’s flashy in more ways than one. Feel free to mix and match your designs throughout the season so things stay fresh for you.

Of course, there are other skins for you to wear as well, including Carnage, so you’re not stuck with a colorful fish the whole time.

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