Fortnite Players Blast Epic Games for Season 5 “Lie”

fortnite season 5 lie

Epic Games

The end of Fortnite Season 5 is nearly here and as fans look back and reminisce about it, a certain thing that an Epic Games employee said before it began has players thinking.

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein described Season 5 with one word before it began, and his word was “chaotic.” This led many players to believe a lot of crazy things would be happening following the Galactus event, but the result was not exactly a whole lot.

Of course, it all comes down to how you would describe chaotic. If we’re talking about the sheer number of crossovers this season has had, then yes, it would be considered to be chaotic.

If you’re focusing on the plot itself, it leaves a lot to be desired because this could very easily end up being the most boring season in a while if that’s the measuring stick.

Players on the Fortnite subreddit teased Rein about his tweet, but remained cautiously optimistic at the same time.

Fans Roast Epic VP

So that was a ******* lie from FortNiteBR

Reddit user Tassford posted a meme showing Iron Man laughing at Rein’s tweet while jokingly calling it a “******* lie.”

Now, it could be too early to say for certain whether or not he was lying, but this is a longer season than usual and we’ve seen very little in terms of plot or map changes.

Instead, we’ve been getting new Exotic weapons and crossovers, which is a form of content. Considering Fortnite players have become accustomed to map changes and teasers about the lore, this is a change of pace that not everyone has enjoyed.

Surprisingly enough, the flood of crossovers has created a sense of fatigue for many players as there’s not a lot of time to get hyped about something before something cooler comes out.

When Kratos was announced, there was a lot of hype, but that quickly wore off when every week there was something else to look forward to.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be seeing what the end of the season has in store, but even that is up in the air.

What’s the Live Event?

The highlight of practically every Fortnite season is the live event, but we don’t even have many hints as to what that could even consist of.

There have been some small hints and teases about it, but for the most part, we’re in the dark. After some fans felt let down by the Season 4 Galactus event, there’s a lot riding on this season’s event.

All of these hunters are being rounded up to protect the Zero Point from some sort of threat, but we have no idea what that even is. In the days leading up to the end of a season, we usually get teases about what to expect, so we’ll just have to keep an eye out for that.

We’re sure nobody would leave the game over a poor live event, but it would definitely be disappointing to wait several months like this with no payoff. At the very least, these crossover skins in Season 5 have been some of the coolest we’ve seen, so we’ll always have that going for us.

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