Bloodsport & More Suicide Squad Characters Coming to Fortnite

fortnite the suicide squad crossover

Epic Games / WarnerMedia / DC Comics

It looks like Epic Games and DC Comics have a very good thing going because fresh off the conclusion of the Batman miniseries, more characters from the universe are coming to Fortnite.

Instead of drawing from the comic books like the previous set of characters did, we’ll now be returning to the cinematic universe with the upcoming release of The Suicide Squad.

The upcoming film that’ll be debuting both in theaters and HBO Max, and has been met with excellent reviews, will be tying into Epic’s massive battle royale.

A teaser posted by director James Gunn reveals the character will be making an appearance on the island.

Bloodsport Has Arrived

In the teaser, we can see Bloodsport actor Idris Elba letting us know that his character will be on the island, and if leakers are to be believed, he won’t be the only one joining the game.

At the end of the 10 second teaser, it’s revealed that more information will be coming tomorrow and that will likely consist of even more characters coming to the game. Keep in mind that we already have three versions of Harley Quinn, including the movie version, so we likely won’t be getting more of her.

However, this movie has a very diverse cast that includes King Shark, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang and several others. None of those characters are currently in Fortnite, and DC Comics has a wide cast of characters in the game, so they are all options.

When is The Crossover?

We’ll likely have all of the information on July 29, which is mentioned in the teaser. The Suicide Squad releases on August 6, so we’re still a little ways out for that, but this could be a way to build up some hype.

Update: Bloodsport releases August 3.

With so many potential characters, they might drip feed them to us over the coming days, or they could decide to drop everything at once.

When crossovers like this come into the game, they typically hang around for a while so everyone who wants them have a chance to pick them up.

fortnite harley quinn skin item shop

Epic GamesHarley is well represented in Fortnite.

Nothing about a price has been revealed yet or if there will be a bundle. In the short teaser, we only get a look at Bloodsport and it’s tough to say if he even comes with any cosmetics.

Remember, Fortnite character bundles usually come with at least a glider or pickaxe, so keep an eye out for that in the coming announcement.

In the meantime, the only thing we have to go off is Bloodsport, but he is a pretty cool character and we’re sure he’ll fit right into the world of Fortnite. Let’s just hope him and the rest of the Suicide Squad don’t wreak too much havoc on the island.

We don’t expect this crossover to tie into the overall story of Fortnite at all this season as it appears to be more of a promotion instead of a plot development. Of course, we can’t close the door on that entirely until we get official announcement from Epic Games themselves.

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