Clever Fortnite UFO Strategy Lets You Burn Down the Competition

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The Fortnite UFOs are the new vehicles of Season 7 and they are a lot of fun if you’re able to get into one early in the game.

Even later in the game they can be powerful, but the chances of getting beamed out of the sky become more likely as players get better guns. Although it’s just been a couple of days since the start of the season, the UFOs have already been nerfed a tad.

However, some players are finding new and interesting ways to use the UFOs, and some of the strategies are very effective.

Whether it’s throwing the last player deep into the storm over ganging up on a squad of players with four UFOs, there are plenty strategies to pick from.

This strategy posted on Reddit by duskyxclops shows that you can easily burn the map with a UFO and this might be worth trying out.

Did You Think of This?

Using the abduction function of the UFO, you can pick up any burning object, which would be a torch in this instance, and drag it along the ground and structures to light them on fire.

If you see a huge build battle taking place and everything’s made out of wood, then you could come by with the UFO and ruin their day. Of course, you could just shoot the builds with your walls, but what fun is that?

It’s the start of a new season so the time to try out some new things is definitely now. There’s no telling how long it’ll take for the UFOs to get nerfed again, so make sure you just spend time exploring the new sandbox.

On paper, the fire strategy seems like it could be very powerful, but it will likely be the most effective when you’re using it to third-party a group of teams. If somebody sees you approaching with a torch, chances are good you’d just be shot down before you could do anything.

It’s a good thing the UFOs have multiple lives, right?

What Else Can Be Done?

fortnite ufo nerf

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There are a lot of cool things that can be done with the UFOs. We’ve already mentioned launching players into the Storm, but there’s more than that.

Being abducted holds you place, so the rest of your team would be able to beam whoever you’re holding there if they aren’t able to escape. If you find yourself on the abduction side of that story, then you’ll have to shoot the ship and hope you’re able to escape in time.

If you’re piloting one of these ships and take damage, you can simply switch seats and heal while up in the air, essentially free from harm. All in all, they are a cool addition, but we will have to keep an eye on just how powerful they can be.

The big thing about the UFOs is it gives players an excellent way to rotate through the game. It’s been a while since a flying vehicle was in Fortnite, but with the UFOs, you can zip around quickly without fear of being lost in the zone.

The only downside is UFOs don’t have a ton of health themselves, so a single AR clip could ground you.

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