When Does Fortnite’s Next Update Come Out? 19.10 Release Date & More

fortnite v19.10 release date

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The start of Fortnite Chapter 3 has given players a lot of new places to explore and items to discover, but now fans are likely wondering what the future of the season holds.

The Winterfest update added even more things to experience, but that has wrapped up and it is now leaving players looking forward to what else Epic has up their sleeves. Because we’re just now getting over the holiday season, we’re seeing a return to normalcy in Fortnite, and that means the updates will start rolling in.

We’ve been steadily getting new items without the need for downtime, and the most recent one is the Shield Keg, something that can be used to heal and also used to prevent fall damage.

According to ShiinaBR, we’ll be getting the Flare Gun in the next small content update, but that will be another patch that doesn’t need downtime. Thankfully, we do know when the big update is, but it’s going to be a bit longer of a wait.

When is v19.10?

According to HYPEX, we will be getting the next big Fortnite update on January 18, so that means there is another week of waiting for the next wave of content.

This update should bring a bunch of new stuff to the game, and we’re slowly getting there by watching the map change in real time. You’ll notice that as the days have gone by, the snow on the map is melting more and more. It’s looking like all of it might be gone by the end of the month, and then we’ll be seeing what Epic has ready for us next.

We’ve known for a while that there would be a lot coming here, and the worst-kept secret of them all is the return of Tilted Towers. We’re also looking at the return of the IO, and that has already begun.

What to Expect in 19.10

There’s a lot going on for this update for players to dive into, but Tilted will likely end up being the biggest of them all.

In the lead up, we might finally get to see the new weather effects in play, such as tornadoes.

Big patches like this are when we also see tons of bug fixes come to the game. Let’s take a look under the hood and see many of the things that Epic has planned for a fix. If you’re ever wondering what’s in the pipeline, you can take a look any time at the Fortnite Trello board. This is everything that’s labeled as “fixed in future game update.”

  • DLSS Temporarily Disabled for DirectX11
  • Sometimes Campfires do not heal players
  • “Network Connection Lost” error when trying to join match as a spectator.
  • Some Outfits experience a dip in framerate and bright light when equipping Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters
  • Progress for Some Cosmetic Challenge Bundles Not Visible
  • Healing while in tent is disabled.
  • Daily Quests Don’t Appear If Another Mode Was Last Played
  • Crash Pads do not visually look correct (Creative)
  • Multi-selecting and moving building to prop pieces will cause consistent misalignment (Creative)
  • Vacuum Tube Bow is not causing chain lighting effect (Save the World)

These aren’t all guaranteed to be fixed in the next update, but there is a long list of things planned for the future.

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