How to Beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise

how to beat magnamalo


Note: This guide is based on an early access demo provided by Capcom. We will update this guide once the full game is released.

With less than a month before launch, Capcom is releasing a second demo of Monster Hunter Rise this time featuring a quest where players face off against the flagship monster, Magnamalo.

The quest where you fight it is listed in the demo as an advanced quest, and they really mean it. You really need to be an experienced hunter to take on Magnamalo. But if you need a hand, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some tips on how to beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise.

Thanks to ArekkzGaming and the other hunters fighting Magnamalo on the official demo livestream for hints and tips. ArekkzGaming did his own tips video that you can watch below.

Monster Hunter Rise | 8 Tips to Help You Beat MAGNAMALO in The DemoHere are some tips for fighting Magnamalo in the Monster Hunter Rise demo. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to hit LIKE and leave a COMMENT down below. SUBSCRIBE for daily gaming videos! Follow us on Twitter: ► ► ► ► ► Watch the team on Twitch: ► Join…2021-03-11T23:00:06Z

The first tip is that you definitely need a full set of hunters in this mission, so select the multiplayer mode from the main menu of the demo and hope that you can find a lobby of players (or you can create your own and invite friends).

For the demo, players have only have 15 minutes to complete the quest. Magnamalo is located at the very top of the map so it takes a long time to run up to it, which eats at that 15 minutes.

Make sure to collect as many Spiribirds to boost your stats as you run through the forest. They tend to be located in the more densely forested areas and on top of cliffs. There’s an Adamant Seed, which boosts your defense for a short time, on top of a cliff behind where you are dropped off at the start of the quest. Use the Wirebug to zip up there.

Especially make sure to pick up an additional Wirebug in the environment because actions using Wirebugs are critical to winning the fight. One can be found in the first big field north of the camp.

Magnamalo attacks with very little breathing room in between each attack, but most of its attacks have very big and obvious tells so you can learn pretty easily when and how it’s going to move. It’s a very similar fight to Zinogre or even Nergigante, the flagship monster of Monster Hunter World.

What makes Magnamalo truly difficult is the purple orbs of hellfire it shoots. It often shoots these out of its tail three at a time, and they land on the ground and explode. It also shoots out clouds of hellfire from its body similar to Teostra’s blight-inducing clouds in Monster Hunter World. Also be careful of the attack where it stands on its hind legs and explodes orbs nearby.

Magnamalo can also use the hellfire to power itself up. K. Some parts of its body like the arms and tail can glow purple, which means attacks with them are stronger. Attacking these glowing parts enough will cause Magnamalo to topple over, according to Arekkz.

The worst thing about the purple orbs is that they cause a debuff called Hellfireblight. According to Capcom Community Manager Socks (aka SocksyBear), who appeared on the official livestream for the demo, Hellfireblight is similar to Blastblight in that once you get it you have a set amount of time before you explode and get damaged.

According to Arekkz, you can shake off Hellfireblight by dodge rolling a couple of times just like with Blastblight, but you can also use the Wirebug to dash and leave the hellfire behind (this doesn’t work with Silkbind moves). This leftover hellfire then functions as a landmine that can topple over other monsters. According to Arekkz, the first time Magnamalo runs into this leftover hellfire, it topples over. Try to anticipate Magnamalo charging forward while you have hellfire around you and then use the Wirebug to dodge out of the way while Magnamalo collides with the leftover hellfire.

Traps are very effective against Magnamalo. Despite being as strong as an Elder Dragon, Magnamalo can still be trapped by things like the ever useful Pitfall trap. Because Magnamalo can be trapped, it can also be captured to end the mission before the timer runs out. Make sure to grab the traps from the camp at the beginning of the mission.

You can also use Endemic Life you find throughout the map against Magnamalo. Blastoads are especially effective because, like leftover hellfire, you can guarantee a knockdown with Magnamalo the first time it’s caught in the toad’s blast according to Arekkz. Thunderbeetles are also great as they cause monsters to take KO damage from any kind of attack (even with cutting weapons) which can stun them if they take enough. Snowbeetles are also great since they slow down the movements of monsters.

Make sure to also take advantage of the Wyvern Riding mechanic to temporarily take control of Magnamalo and make it run into walls to damage it and knock it down. First you need to get it into a mountable state by doing things like Wirebug jumping attacks, using silkbind moves, Endemic Life traps, and having another monster attack Magnamalo. You can lure monsters with a Wailnard, a pheasant that can be picked up in the environment and used like an item. If Magnamalo attacks another monster and puts it in a mountable state, you can mount that monster and use it to attack Magnamalo and get it in a mountable state.

Magnamalo is really tough, so don’t feel bad if you can’t beat it during the demo. If you get the full game, you can grind for better gear and take it on again. You might even get more time to face it. Either way, Magnamalo is a true test of all the new mechanics of Monster Hunter Rise.

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