NBA 2K22: Twitter Exploded With Reaction to the New Game

2K 2K

Most years, especially recently, the first few days after the release of NBA 2K are filled with angry users complaining about bugs, exploits, server issues or simply losing at the game.

While no release of a video game in any genre is without issue, the launch of NBA 2K22 has been one of the smoothest and seemingly well-received in years.

Where is the NBA 2K22 Review?

I’m still working on my full review of the game, but let’s take a moment to look at the massive Twitter reaction following the September 10 release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Fans Seem to Love NBA 2K22

Popular YouTuber CashNasty took to Twitter to share his enjoyment of the game, and that he hasn’t actually washed his face in 48 hours.

This is an epic comparison from Solo of the popular DF clan. He compares it to “prime Fortnite.” If you’re aware of the craze that Fortnite inspired at its peak, then you know how big of a statement this is from a respected YouTuber.

Longtime sports video game journalist Bryan Wiedey didn’t really weigh in on the game, but he did recognize the quality feedback that is circulating through social media.

Another impressive and potentially impacting endorsement comes from Gooner. He is a professional NBA 2K League player for Heat Check Gaming.

Gooner compared the latest version of the game to NBA 2K16, which is one of the more beloved versions of the game.

If you’re wondering why many people are excited about NBA 2K22, it has a lot to do with the gameplay. From a pure basketball and balance standpoint, this is the best version in years. Perhaps the biggest difference is on the defensive side of the ball.

NBA 2K22 has finally awaken the defense by balancing the ballhandler-defender dynamic while also making shot blocking and steals more intuitive. This is an excellent mix that doesn’t need much tweaking–if any at all.

Another member of the DF clan, DoublH offered his approval of what he calls a “very very fun game.”

OK, when actual NBA players are also giving their stamp of approval, that starts to check some boxes in a bigger circles. Former Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas says the new 2K is fire.

EarvGotti242, who isn’t the actual Irv Gotti, posts this high-level gameplay of the late Kobe Bryant. Earv is highlighting the skill necessary to score against good defenders.

Popular 2K YouTuber BadgePlug shares an excitement similar to CashNasty about playing the game as soon as he wakes up. I think he might have washed his face, though.

DT drops more sleep regret.

Another NBA 2K Leaguer, FAB posts his appreciation of NBA 2K22. You have to wonder how much better gameplay will impact next year’s league play.

Be on the lookout for my full review of the game, but it is safe to say, my take will be favorable.


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