‘The Ultimate Fighter LIVE’: Episode 11 Live Blog

Friday’s live quarterfinal fights: Pichel vs. Saunders, Iaquinta vs. Ogle

“The Ultimate Fighter LIVE” Episode 11 is set to air Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern on FX, and HeavyMMA.com has you covered.

Tune in for a live running recap of the episode and live coverage of the second two quarterfinal fights in the tournament of 16 fighters coached by UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and top contender Urijah Faber. Team Faber, after dropping its first two fights of the season, went on to win five of the next six and finish with a 5-3 lead. Last week, underdogs James Vick and Mike Chiesa upset Joe Proctor and Justin Lawrence, respectively, to move into the semifinals.

On Friday, the second two quarterfinal fights of the season take place when Vinc Pichel from Team Cruz meets Chris Saunders from Team Faber and our first teammate vs. teammate battle of the season happens when Team Faber’s Al Iaquinta meets Andy Ogle. Pichel and Iaquinta are both heavy favorites with oddsmakers.

Vinc Pichel vs. Chris Saunders
Round 1:
Kick from Pichel opens things up. The two trade, and Pichel then looks for a takedown along the fence. But Saunders reverses the position and winds up on top when the fight hits the ground. Pichel works his way back to the feet. The two trade a bit, then clinch up. Pichel tries to work knees along the cage. They continue trading after they split apart. Saunders looking for a late takedown, but it’s not there. Close round but HeavyMMA will go with Saunders 10-9. 

Round 2: More clinch work. Not a lot of action. Saunders looks for a takedown, but can’t get it. Pichel is bleeding from the nose. Spinning elbow from Saunders glances, but Pichel then comes with some big offense along the fence, punches and knees. He can’t finish Saunders, but gets a takedown after defending a Saunders kimura attempt. Saunders spins out of it and takes Pichel’s back. But Pichel defends and lands a nice knee as the round closes. Heavy goes with Pichel 10-9. We’ll see if we have a third round.

Result: Vinc Pichel def. Chris Saunders, majority decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19)

Al Iaquinta vs. Andy Ogle
Round 1: Inside leg kick from Ogle, then a Superman punch that is off the mark. They trade shots inside. Iaquinta is putting the pressure on, forcing Ogle to circle outside. Iaquinta tires of the chase and resets in the middle. High kick from Ogle is mostly blocked. Good right uppercut from Ogle is answered by a nice right from Iaquinta. Ogle goes to the body. Good push kick from Iaquinta. Another high kick from Ogle is just off the mark. Good uppercut from Iaquinta seems to stun Ogle just for a second. Nice right hand from Ogle. But Iaquinta drops him and pounces with some quick ground and pound. As Ogle moves to get back to his feet, Iaquinta lands a massive right elbow that drops Ogle. He lands one more big shot on the ground as Steve Mazzagatti gets in to stop it.

Result: Al Iaquinta def. Andy Ogle, TKO, 4:44 Round 1

UFC president Dana White announces the semifinals: Team Craz’s James Vick vs. Team Faber’s Mike Chiesa and Team Cruz’s Pichel vs. Team Faber’s Iaquinta.

White then announces Faber will fight Renan Barao for the interim bantamweight title at UFC 148. Barao comes out for a face-off with Faber.