Xyience Releases First Phase Of T-Shirt Line

Former UFC welterweight champ
Nutritional product giant Xyience has teamed up with Wanderlei Silva, Matt Serra, and Dan Hardy to launch a T-Shirt collection, which is the introduction to its new line of co-branded apparel.

Company officials announced the news earlier today.

The line features two different designs for the PRIDE legend, Silva, and one design each for Hardy and Serra. All four designs are available in sizes spanning from small to XXL for $19.99 and can be purchased at Xyience.com.

“We’re fortunate to have three of the most well-respected and iconic fighters on our team,” said John Villari, the company’s creator and executive director, in the official press release. “Each design was inspired by the athlete and his story, so we feel it will resonate with the fans. All three fighters value their relationships with their fan base, so they took this project very much to heart.”

Xyience is one of the most notable nutritional product companies in all of mixed martial arts. Its energy drink, Xenergy, is the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. More details are available at the company’s official website.