Gabriel Gaeta: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

gabe gaeta, jenise write murder suspect

Gabriel Zebediah Gaeta has been named as the 17-year-old suspect arrested in the murder and rape of 6-year-old Jenise Wright. reports Gaeta was arrested Saturday, August 9, in the Bremerton, Washington, trailer park where Wright was last seen alive eight days earlier.

Here’s what we know about Gaeta and his alleged role in this horrific crime.

1. He Faces Life in Prison

Gaeta will be charged as an adult and faces charges of second-degree murder, manslaughter and rape. If convicted he’d face life in prison.

Cops say forensic evidence links him to the crime. KOMO News reports that Gaeta will be charged as an adult in the crime. Due to his age, Gaeta will not face the death penalty. The station further reports a source telling them that Gaeta said he was the only one involved in the crime. KIRO reporter Kevin McCarty tweeted that cops had asked Gaeta for a DNA sample on August 4 but his family refused, saying he was “too upset.”

2. He Attended a Vigil for the Victim

Gaeta reportedly attended a vigil for the slain girl on Friday, one day before his arrest. On the prior Thursday, FBI search dogs discovered Jenise’s body in the woods near the Steele Creek Mobile Home Park. According to reports, investigators believed her body had moved around three hours after her death.

3. He Knew the Girl’s Family & Lived Nearby

Gabe Gaeta Facebook Friend

A friend of Gaeta’s posted this on Facebook as news of the arrest filtered through. (Facebook)

Sources tell that Gaeta knew the girl’s family and lives “just down the block.” Her body was found “a few hundred feet” from his house. Investigators towed two SUVs and a van from Gaeta home. Jim Wright, Jenise’s father, told the Seattle Times that Gaeta was a “close friend of the family.” Wright added that he had thought Gaeta how to chop firewood for extra money.

4. He Was a Wrestling Star

According to the Northwest Washington Wrestling Club website, Gaeta was the star of their team. In 2012, “Gaeta won an individual state title in the Caset 182lb division.” In the same year, he finished second in the 2012 Greco Roman State Championships in Washington. He also represented Olympic High School in wrestling. His varsity record with the school was 23-10.

5. Wright’s Parents Waited 24 Hours to Report Her Missing

Wright was last seen alive when she went to bed on the night of Saturday, August 2. Strangely, her parents waited about 24 hours before reporting her disappearance, later explaining that she often wandered off and they expected her to return.


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he’s not a suspect only he not only confessed but through DNA he was found out not only that all the evidence was found in his bedroom in his home


I agree……….I don’t even let mine play in our fenced yard, without an adult present. I don’t care where you live, its not safe to leave a young child unattended .


This neighbor hood looked out for each other I lived in this park in 2007 and the families looked out for each other. You have to understand that Bremerton and the towns around it are very much a military town and this community is very safe you always see kids running all over the neighborhood. It is a small town and the crime rate is Silverdale is very low.


I do feel bad for the parent for having to suffer with such grieve. I dont however understand how you can just let your 6 year old wander off like that? And it blows my mind that it is so common that they were use to her not coming home for hours at a time. How do you get up knowing your 6 year old is no where in the house then just go on with your day without franticly looking for her? This is why he chose her as his victim. He knew her parents wouldn’t even look for her until it was too late. That poor sweet soul. May she rest in peace. I hope they are considering Child neglect charges against the parents unfortunately for the little girl they are not innocent in all this.

Michael De Meo

you are absolutely correct , the parents need a good wake up call , so sorry that it had to be an innocent 6 yr old .


Whoa…that’s a bit much. Yes – they wholly failed their daughter by waiting 24 hours to report her missing…yes they obviously lack tremendously in parenting skills…but to say they are complicit in her death…that’s horrific. This girl didn’t drown from being unattended. She didn’t die in a hot car. She was horrifically raped & murdered by a sick pathetic waste of human space. And while this may not have been the outcome had they acted sooner…there’s no guarantee that anything would be any different.

In February of this year a young girl named Hailey Owens died a very similar death. She was abducted in broad daylight with witnesses who immediately called police. That call was made at 4.48pm. They were shockingly able to locate the abductor in less than 4 hours & arrested him on site. Just a few hours later they found her body with a gunshot to the back of the head.

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