WATCH: Woman Follows Black Family Down Street: “You Don’t Belong Here”

Lauren Milewski

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A woman is receiving backlash after a video surfaced of her following an African American family down the street and continuously telling them to “get out of Berkeley” while claiming that they “don’t belong here.”

Lauren Milewski, 31, can be seen harassing Essex Cook as he and his family and friends strolled through Berkeley, California. After Cook noticed how closely she was walking to their group, he politely offered to let her pass them. After declining, she begins to harass them about being in Berkeley.

After being told repeatedly to move, Milewski continues to follow the group closely. One woman can be heard telling her to “back the f–k up,” although Milewski continues to ignore them. After confronting her again, Milewski starts repeating “get out of Berkeley.”

The woman holding the camera continues telling her to move and holds her hand out to indicate that Milewski needs to back up when Milewski replies “don’t touch me.” Some commotion breaks out and then the camera cuts to Milewski talking to a police officer, claiming that “this mob of people … tried to assault me.”

According to Indy 100, Cook said the woman appeared to be focused on him when spouting her vile remarks, “thinking this was because of his dark skin tone.”

Elexia, Cook’s cousin, told Indy 100 that most passers-by chose to ignore them.

We were so loud and people were walking by not even making a noise, trying not to look at us, acting like they didn’t even notice.

It just made me feel very uncomfortable.

Cook told Indy 100 that he was worried about the police also being prejudiced and believing Milewski’s version of events. However, a white family stepped in, called the police, and stuck around to corroborate Cook’s story.

The YouTube version of the video below shows Milewski’s arrest. The video shows Milewski laying face down on the pavement with an officer holding her hands behind her back.

Milewski can be heard sobbing loudly, screaming “f–k you” at the arresting officer, who quickly pulls her to the ground and cuffs her. She continues questioning why the officer was arresting her, while he can be heard telling her to stop resisting.

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Milewski was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, public drunkenness and probation violation. According to DailyCal, the arresting officer said she reeked of alcohol. Police officers also recognized Milewski from past encounters.

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