Proud Boys March Near Win with Love Trump Protest [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]


A large protest is being held in Orlando today over President Donald Trump’s re-election kickoff rally. Meanwhile, a group associated with the Proud Boys also marched in the same vicinity. At one point, Orlando police created a barricade between the two groups. Here are photos, videos, and more details about what happened.

The Trump counter-protest today is called “Win with Love.” The protest includes a baby Trump balloon, Orlando Weekly reported. Win with Love used a GoFundMe to help rent the baby Trump balloon and raised $4,410 toward their efforts from 195 donors as of the time of publication.

First, here are some videos and photos from Win with Love.

Meanwhile, the Proud Boys had a march of their own today. Reports were mixed on whether they were marching toward the Win With Love counter-protest or away from it, but they did end up in the vicinity of the counter-protest.

Karina Elwood of the Orlando Sentinel reported that the Orlando Police created a barricade to make sure the Win with Love and Proud Boys groups stayed separate. One member of the Proud Boys, who wanted to stay anonymous, told Elwood they were there just “to make friends and hang out.”

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About 50 Proud Boy protesters then left the blockade.

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Here’s another video of Orlando Police creating a blockade between Trump protesters and Trump supporters who were arriving for the rally. This video below just shows Trump supporters, not the Proud Boys march from earlier. It seems that Orlando Police were busy making sure supporters and counter-protesters stayed away from each other.

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Proud Boys members were seen earlier marching next to the Amway Center.

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Philp Crowther of the Associated Press GMS shared some more videos and photos of the Proud Boys at the rally.


Jen Guerrero of KPBS talked with one of the Proud Boys members, who told her he was there to protect Trump supporters.


Here’s the organizer of Win with Love talking about his event:

Media at the event did not see any violence occurring between the two groups. Police kept the groups separated.

This is a developing story.