Richard Ketay: New Jersey Man Who Wrote a Letter to NY Post

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President Donald Trump went on one of his lengthy Twitter rants on Friday night, and in one of his tweets, the President pulled a direct quote from Richard Ketay, which caused thousands of people online to ask: Who is Richard Ketay? And when did he say this?

It turns out that Richard Ketay of Newark, New Jersey, wrote the words Trump tweeted in a letter to the editor in the New York Post, according to journalist Ashley Feinberg of Slate.

In the aforementioned tweet Trump wrote in quotations,

“It isn’t often I get angry at the dirty politics of the Democrats in Congress, but this time I am enraged and hope this impeachment charade will backfire on Reps. Pelosi & Schiff, & the Democrats. I have read thoroughly the telephone conversation between Trump & the President…of Ukraine, and cannot find any reason to charge the President with high crimes & misdemeanors. This is just a phony Witch Hunt, perpetuated by Democrats to get rid of Trump because they cannot beat him in a fair election. Richard Ketay.”

Naturally, the name Richard Ketay started to trend on Twitter, as most people have never heard of this man. And if it’s someone important enough for the U.S. President to directly quote, he must be an important person in politics.

However, if you google “Richard Ketay,” a few anonymous results to come up, as there are indeed a few people in the world named Richard Ketay, but only a few. Per online data-mining sites, there is an 85-year-old Richard Ketay in Newark, New Jersey, who is listed as a retired accountant on Linkedin, and a 54-year-old Richard Ketay in Little Falls, New Jersey, along with another guy with that name in Austin, Texas, age 32.

A Richard Ketay from New Jersey Wrote a Letter to the NY Post Editor

As the digging for Mr. Ketay continued. Slate reporter Ashley Feinberg found in the print edition of Thursday’s New York Post, a letter to the editor, written by him truly, Richard Ketay.

A Richard Ketay Wrote Another Letter to the NY Post in 2003

This may or may not be the same Richard Ketay, however, a man with the same name wrote a letter to the New Your Post on May 28, 2003. In this brief letter Ketay wrote,

“Inspectors were looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq for 10 years and found none. Yet they and they United Nations knew they were there. We’ve been there for a month and have already unearthed potentially good evidence of WMDs. Whether we find them or not doesn’t really matter. We have free people from a fiendish despot and gained respect in the Middle East.”

NY Post letter 2003 from Richard Ketay, (1/2)

NY Post Letter 2003 from Richard Ketay (2/2)

A Richard Ketay Wrote a Letter to About Worshipping Catholicism & Being Pro-Life

A Richard Ketay, also from Newark, also penned a letter to the editor to According to online records list only one Richard Ketay in Newark, and he’s 85. There is also younger Richard Ketay, 54, in another part of New Jersey.

In this January 2019 letter Ketay wrote,

“I begin to wonder why the Catholic church is under siege by Democrats, liberals, the media, left-wingers, and fallen Catholics. I think the reason is; to get their favorite candidate, re-elected president of the United States.

I feel that these attacks against the church have become very personal. I am an American Catholic devoted to my God, my church and my family. I believe in the sanctity of marriage; and that every life is precious, especially that of the unborn child.

For over 40 years, I, and my wife, have been very active in our Catholic community, for example: running the Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts, fundraising, blood drives, lector, ministering Holy Communion, and assisting our pastor in financial and pastoral matters.  There have been bad times in the past which tested our faith, but we weathered them and still remain strongly faithful to our church.

The Catholic church in America was started without any hospitals.  Now one out of every five people in the United States receive medical care at a Catholic hospital. Similarly, there were no schools. Now the church teaches more than 3 million students a day. There are more than 250 Catholic colleges and universities, as well as 1,200 high schools and 5,000 grade schools. Every day, the Catholic church feeds, clothes, shelters, and educates more people than any other organization in the world. I think it is about time to stop these attacks against the church, and all Catholics. We are your neighbors, co-workers and fellow Americans; and have the right to worship as we want without criticism from others.”

Richard Ketay Already Has His Own Spam Twitter Account

Richard Ketay sham account

Within minutes of Trump tweeting about Richard Ketay, a fake account for Richard Ketay was created. His profile picture being a red Trump campaign hat, and the banner, a black and white photo of Donald Trump.

Who created this fake account remains unknown, and whether it will be as successful as Jeffrey’s Marty‘s sham account, Rep. Steve Smith, “the first congressman to support Donald Trump,” only time will tell.

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