Know Your History: The 15 Best Video Game Documentaries

Best Video Game Docs

Video games have been around for as long as we can remember. The world of cinema has tried its hand at adapting some of the biggest gaming franchises into major motion pictures. Sad fact? Most of them are pretty atrocious.

When video games are covered and thoroughly explained in documentary form, the quality factor improves dramatically. It’s awesome when a good documentary properly covers your favorite video game or history time period of this revered past time. We’ve watched a bunch of classic docs that cover video game eras, genres, high score rivalries and certain franchises.

These are 15 of the best video game documentaries we’ve ever watched. Hit up your Netflix account immediately and seek out these great pieces of film.

15. Fight Night: The Melbourne Street Fighter Arcade Community

If you ever end up seeing just one documentary that focuses solely on video games, watch this one. The 80’s arcade scene was more cutthroat then you thought it was. This film features one of gaming’s most controversial (but infinitely cool) competitive figures – Billy Mitchell. This doc feels like a full-fledged drama, thanks to the record breaking score attempt by lil’ old Steve Wiebe. King of Kong brings out the competitive spirit in all of us. Check this out ASAP. You’ll either love or hate the dude who owns his own hot sauce line. Garunteed.

Honorable Mentions

Tetris: From Russia With Love

Beyond The Game


Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball

Thumb Candy

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