Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

7. Study You Base Weaknesses and Stay Ahead of the Pack

Cloud Raiders

• Play with your base layout. Watch replays of other players raiding you to catch those weak spots in your defenses.

8. Get Friendly and Join Up With a Clan

• Join or start a clan with your friends to exchange troops and challenge the global ladder.

Head to the next page to learn everything about traps and walls!

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  1. Hey guys if u need a good clan check out mine its called finest clan and we are lvl 4 I’m lvl 46 and I don’t care about trophies much I just lol for loot anyone is welcome

  2. My clan Is level 4 almost level has two people but has nearly 1800 valor its a great clan with alot of troop donators and clan task progression any level welcome 500 valor plus it is called Dragons o’ Gold