Top 10 PlayStation 4 Accessories

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Do you have a new PlayStation 4 sitting in your game room?

Owning a new console means you’ll be introduced to a whole new world of next-gen gaming and amazing technology. You should make the most of your huge next-gen console purchase and add these top-notch accessories to your collection. With these 10 various PS4 gadgets, your future experiences with Sony’s amazing new piece of hardware will improve to the fullest.

10. LETECK PS4 Console Vertical Stand

PS4 Accessories

This vertical stand will make your PS4 the main feature of your gaming room and capture the immediate attention of everyone who lays eyes on it. It’s super sturdy and the PS4 fits in perfectly, so you won’t ever have to worry about it tipping over or making your PS4 uncontrollably slip out. You won’t even notice this stand after a while thanks to this vertical stand’s matching black finish that coincides with your chosen PS4.

Buy it here.

9. PlayStation 4 Camera

PS4 Camera

If you want to bring your friends into your PlayRoom activities, you’ll want to go ahead and pick up a brand spanking new PlayStation 4 camera. This updated camera works in conjunction with the DualShock 4’s light bar and introduces you to a world filled with cute minigames. Not only will you use this thing to play games, you’ll also use it to record yourself for livestream occasions and properly taunt your online opponents.

Buy it here.

8. StarTech 10-Feet Micro USB Cable

PS4 Accessories

The USB charging cable that comes inside the PS4’s retail box is pretty darn small, ain’t it? When you’re looking to charge up your trusty DualShock 4 while you’re gaming, it pays off wonderfully if you invest in a longer USB cable. StarTech’s 10-foot USB cable provides just the right amount of length needed to keep gaming and keeping your controllers at maximum capacity.

Buy it here.

7. dreamGEAR PlayStation 4 Blu-ray Remote

PS4 Blu Ray Remote

Every console we know of has a remote that caters to those who are more inclined to watch their favorite shows via apps or watch Blu-Ray’s. dreamGEAR’s official PS4 Blu-Ray Remote is one item you’ll need to keep on your PS4 accessories radar. It handles all of the non-gaming behaviors of those non-gamers in your home quite well. This add-on should be releasing sometime soon in 2014.

6. DualShock 4 Controller

Dualshock 4

DUH, RIGHT? You want to enjoy playing the wealth of great games on the PS4 with your buddies, correct? Pick up some extra DualShock 4 controllers and make sure you can enjoy your gaming sessions with your closest gaming allies. This may be Sony’s most well designed and comfortable PlayStation controller. The lightbar will be used more frequently as more gaming developers figure out how to properly use it, which will only improve the overall quality of this wireless game pad.

Buy it here.

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