‘Pokemon Go’: Which Pokemon Species Transform Into Ditto?


Which Pokemon Go species turn into Ditto? (Reddit/Kvothealar)

Ditto is in the wild in Pokemon Go! As Pokemon Go trainers celebrate, many have still not found Ditto. When you see Ditto in the wild, he appears to look just like a regular Pokemon. So far, there have been no indications that he’s “derpy” looking in any way. So the only way to guess who might secretly be a Ditto is to figure out which Pokemon are turning into Ditto the most. Niantic hasn’t given any official statements about who transforms into Ditto. But we’ve gathered some details from Pokemon Go trainers. 

Here’s what you need to know.

According to communities like Reddit’s The Silph Road, the following Pokemon have been reported as transforming into Ditto. Not all of these species have been confirmed, and the ones that aren’t are noted. The most commonly reported species that transform into Ditto are 2 km species. The list is being compiled by Redditor Paanvaannd.

Most common Pokemon Go Transformations: 

  • Pidgey
  • Rattata
  • Zubat
  • Magikarp
  • Spearow

Less Common but Reported Pokemon Go Transformations: 

(Note: Not all of these reports contained proof or confirmation that they were the source of a Ditto transformation. If you found a Ditto from one of these species, let us know.)

  • Metapod (reported on Reddit here)
  • Venonant (listed on Reddit here, but no link to proof)
  • Paras (listed on Reddit here, but no link to proof)
  • Mankey (reported on Reddit here)
  • Ekans (listed on Reddit here, but no link to proof)
  • Snorlax (listed on Reddit here, but no link to proof)
  • Doduo (listed on Reddit here, but no link to proof)
  • Nidoran♂ (listed on Reddit here, but no link to proof)

Did you find a Ditto that was in the form of a different Pokemon than we have listed? Let us know in the comments below. Then fill out this Google Doc created by Reddit’s Paanvaannd and share your findings. We’ll be updating this story as more information is available.

Ditto in ‘Pokemon Go’: Where & When Was He Captured?

Ditto has been found in Pokemon Go. Find out all the details about his first capture here.

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  1. I caught my Ditto from a Rattataat my house. I had a feeling he was a Ditto since his CP was only 136 & popped out of 5 ultra balls.

  2. Caught a typical looking Pidgey easily with my curveball great-throw technique, and it turned out to be a high level Ditto with mundane stats. Everyone was surprised; we hadn’t heard they were available yet. Unfortunately, most needed to update and one couldn’t get their GPS to lock on… I was the only one to catch it before it took off. :(

  3. Yesterday I tried and only seen it at a gym, well I didn’t but my pokedex shows I did. Today in San Leandro California at a marina I found two in Margikarps This was early in the morning.

  4. Have caught 8 dittos so far, all came from ratatta and pidgey except 1 came from a zubat that was in a lure. Have caught tons of magikarp and yet to get one from that.

  5. my brother caught a ratata then he went LOOK BUT I CAUGHT A RATTATA D: I went um yeah ditto transforms because the rattata he captured was a ditto

  6. I caught a Krabby which I really needed and I was really confused when the screen read ‘huh?’ then it changed into ditto

  7. I caught a pidgey and it transfomed into Ditto. the location is bhuvaneshwari nagar, banshankari 3rd stage, bangalore, India

  8. Today I caught a Ditto that was in the form of a Hoothoot. Sadly, it didn’t occur to me to take a screenshot of the transformation.

  9. I found a ditto it was a pidgey I was about to tranfer it then it looked like it was gonna evolve but I can a ditto instead

  10. Just a hoot hoot in Carlisle pennsylvania and it turned into a ditto after being caught. Had no idea that could even happen and then found this site and figrued id share.

  11. My Sentret was transformed into Ditto yesterday. I Didn’t have Ditto till yesterday but finally i have managed to register one in my Pokedex. Thanks to Gen2. !!! :)