It seems we’ll finally get out first official look at the Nintendo NX, which is set to release in just five short months.

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The Pokemon Sun & Moon demo released today will add new features on specific dates until the official release of the full game. Find out all the dates and in-demo locations of the upcoming releases here.

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With the hacking of the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo by 4chan users, a comparison chart between the village trainers and Aether Foundation members vs. Ultra Beasts seems to confirm Pokemon-human fusions.

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Along with the data mining of new Pokemon from the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo, the full PokeDex for the Alola region has allegedly leaked on 4chan. Find out what’s in it here.

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A German YouTube channel with the watermark of “Nintendo Online” appears to have accidentally leaked the first 15-minutes of demo gameplay for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Watch it here.

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A gameplay demo of Pokemon Sun & Moon is supposed to come out on October 18 in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. When will it come out in the United States and Europe?

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We’ve finally arrived with our final impressions of Activision and Toys for Bob’s Skylanders Imaginators.

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Rockstar Games has released yet another teaser image for what appears to be an impending Red Dead Redemption-related announcement.

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After a few recent Pokemon Go updates, many players are now encountering problems with the game freezing and not registering their touch.

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For the month of September, we’ve selected the top five Android action games we’re most proud of.

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Rockstar Games just set the internet abuzz with an exciting teaser image that could indicate an impending Red Dead announcement.

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With every update, players are wondering when San Francisco’s nearby tracker will be released everywhere. Unfortunately, it will be a while. Find out more here.

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A Spanish image showing “day form” and “night form” for the final evolutions of Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio bolsters the theory that, like Rockruff, the final evolution of the starters what game the player has.

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Think there aren’t enough games for the new PlayStation VR? Here’s a list of all of the current and upcoming games.

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Monster Super League challenges you to collect all types of Astromons for battle! This developer crafted tips guide will aid you in your journey.

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A brand new Pokemon Go update hit iOS and Android devices on Friday, October 14th. What’s different this time around?

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