Fortnite Reveals Next Set of Fortnitemares Skin Cards

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With Fortnite’s Halloween event, Fortnitemares, entering its second week, we have a new set of cards to look at.

These cards get flipped over daily and they give players a hint at what’s to come in the game, at least in terms of skins.

The first week only featured for four cards in total, but now we have six of them to look at. If it’s anything like the first week that featured the likes of Rick Grimes and Frankenstein’s Monster, then we’re in for a real treat.

Following the v18.20 update, we can now speculate about these cards, so let’s just dive right in and take a look at all of them.

New Fortnitemares Cards

fortnitemares cards

Epic Games

These six cards can mean just about anything, but some of them are much clearer than others. It looks like there’s some sort of Fishstick variant coming, which would bring the total number of those to like a billion.

Outside of that, we get a look at some pickaxes and some faces, so those can go just about any direction. Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR did reveal that one of these skins is KAWS and that it’ll be in the shop this week.

It’s anybody’s guess as to who the rest of these cards could be, but that’s the fun of this year’s Fortnitemares event. The Mummy has already been confirmed as a skin in the future, and it looks he’s not included as any of these cards. That seems to mean he’ll be coming in either the third or fourth week.

If each week from here on out comes with a full slate of cards like this, then there will be a lot of cool Fortnitemares skins to get your hands on. While there are a lot of cool styles in the game as it is, the Halloween styles are some of the best Epic has ever made, so fans naturally gravitate toward them.

Epic drops this simple hint about what to expect with these cards:

“Week 2 is packed with new cards for the flipping — six in fact. Like last time, there’s no pattern as to when they’ll flip over, but try using the hints to chew on what they’ll show.”

More Collaborations?

fortnite universal monsters

Epic Games

Something Fortnite has been doing for several seasons now is collaboration with other brands. With spooky season in full swing, why not get some famous horror icons into Fortnite?

With The Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster being there, why not keep it going even more? We could get names like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and several other names. Obviously, not all of those would be possible to do because of licensing issues, but it’d be cool to see nonetheless.

Another option would be to finally give players the Shadow Midas skin. This character debuted during 2020’s Fortnitemares event and he ended up being the boss of the whole event.

Surprisingly, he was never released into the Item Shop, so there’s really no telling what Epic’s plan is with him. It looks like we’ll just have to stay tuned and see what they have cooking up.

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