Google is discontinuing its Nexus line and introducing the Google branded Pixel and Pixel XL without the help of other manufacturers. Rumors about the phones’ specs and leaked renders have preceded an October 4th press event in San Francisco.

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“Alphabet Tutor 2,” purportedly released by the Islamic State, features rifles, grenades, and what appears to be a suicide vest in a workbook created for the children of jihadists.

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The Pokémon Go servers are constantly crashing during this first week. Are they down right now? Here is how to check.

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Leo Laporte, known as “Leo Laporte the Tech Guy,” is a technology-related radio personality who went to check the temperature on his Android Wear watch and accidentally showed a NSFW pic.

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New reports state that the Islamic State has released a new app for smartphones to help push its propaganda videos and war updates to its followers.

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Use slow-motion video to look at how your players are throwing, catching and running.

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Use a financial incentive to get healthy.

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Keep track of your workouts during the week with this fitness app.

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Keep track of how effective your workouts are being with this athlete app.

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Use Under Armour to record your weekly workouts.

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Full Term is there for you when you are ready to have the baby. Track your contractions with an easy timer.

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Join a community of mothers just like you. Ask questions throughout the entirety of your pregnancy and more.

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Track your pregnancy and set a to-do list so you remember to stay healthy and actually enjoy being pregnant.

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A pregnancy is full of ups and downs and these apps will be with you every step of the way.

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Get advice and help through every day of your pregnancy with this easy-to-use app.

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Wether you’re looking for new clients for your business or trying to see what your friends from high school are up to, social media is a great way to network.

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