A little boy at Peak Taekwondo & Fitness Center, in Temecula, California was trying for his white belt. He had to break a board, but was having trouble doing it.

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PullyPalz entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with their pully-operated pacifiers. Heavy spoke to the comany’s owner about their growth since the show.

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Budsies brought its custom-made stuffed animals to the Shark Tank in Season 6. Heavy interviewed the CEO to see how they’re doing since not accepting a deal.

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From erector sets to LEGOs, kids love using toys that let them build things. They also like to destroy what they build, which is half the fun of building something, is it not? But check out these slightly more advanced building toys to harness your child’s interest.

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A new Mario Tennis, Animal Crossing and Disney Infinity are just a few of the upcoming new games for kids on the way this year.

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6-year-old Maisie Gregory of Cardiff got to meet Queen Elizabeth II on June 11. A saluting guard then accidentally smacked the little girl in the face.

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Twelve-year-old Logan has a special new showerhead, and his parents wanted to find out why he was taking two long showers a day. They caught it on camera.

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Your kids don’t have to stare at a screen to have fun, as there are plenty of great toys that also teach.

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You can score some cool-looking Skylanders for under $6.00 right now.

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A man playing on his child’s “Fisher Price”-esque toy telephone shows the humorous result of what happens when you “call” the police on the device.

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Wondering what you should put in your kid’s Easter basket this year? We weigh in with our favorite chocolate bunnies, Easter candy, and even some allergy-free candy ideas.

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Tablets for kids are a mentally stimulating form of entertainment, and can provide a safe parent-controlled environment to learn about the web.

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I’m not going to lie, but I kind of want some of these kids gadgets for myself!

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A little girl filming a science project tutorial video for the baking soda and vinegar volcano experiment could have used some help pouring the vinegar.

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Mattel and Google have teamed up to update the classic View-Master toy.

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Shop for the little loves of your life- your kids- for Valentine’s Day. We compiled a list of unique presents from heart Legos to Play-Doh to books.

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