Many roasting pans let you roast birds, meat, and vegetables to perfection. This type of pan is ideal for holiday cooking as well as year-round use. This list includes your best bets for a solid roasting pan at any price.

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Whether you want to make coffee for a crowd or are just looking for a solid tea kettle in your price range, here are your best bets.

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Any scale can measure your weight, but these body fat scales offer much more. Here’s a look at your best bets for body fat scales on the market today.

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Weigh meat, vegetables, herbs, and more with a kitchen scale. Whether you’re cooking, baking, or want portion control, a kitchen scale can be a worthwhile investment.

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Pour over coffee makers require a bit more work, but they’re generally quite affordable and user-friendly. This list offers the best options on the market right now.

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Electric tea kettles can be more cost and energy-efficient than traditional stovetop kettles. Here are your best options.

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In what some say is an unprecedented breach of privacy, Yahoo! sent information on millions of email accounts to the National Security Agency.

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Don’t have enough space for a traditional blender? A personal blender can offer plenty of power and performance in a smaller package.

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Having trouble with your Internet connection? Good news: This problem will be solved in the near future!

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If you feel like your morning cup of coffee is lacking, a manual coffee grinder could be the answer.

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Whether you need it for home or office use, a Keurig machine can be a practical and rewarding investment.

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For on-the-fly pitch changes, dive-bombs, and even subtle harmonies, consider our list of the top 15 best guitar pitch shifters, synthesizer, and octave pedals.

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Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or you simply want to keep your favorite beverages chilled, a wine cooler can be a useful investment.

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Tired of riding in the dark or feeling vulnerable on the road? A bike light is the perfect solution. Here are some of your best bets in every price range.

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For the guitarist who loves complicated arrangements, harmonies, and doing more with less, here’s our list of the top ten best guitar looper pedals.

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Dyson vacuums aren’t exactly cheap, but the added power, performance, and features makes a Dyson vacuum a solid investment.

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