You can watch the pilot episode for Red Oaks, the 1980s comedy by Amazon, for free right here.

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Liz is seeking asylum with Russia but Red has his doubts on episode 2 of season 3 of “The Blacklist.” See spoilers and find out how to watch it online here.

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Here are spoilers and videos for tonight’s fourth episode of “Heroes Reborn,” featuring Hiro’s return. You’ll also find out how to watch the episode online.

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Fear the Walking Dead’s finale was CRAZY. Who is Strand and what secrets is he hiding? Can Daniel be trusted? See the reactions & top theories here.

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Check out the review & recap from the season 1 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, “The Good Man.” Who makes it out alive? And who is the mysterious lawyer?

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The Blacklist’s first episode knocked it out of the park. From Liz’s new hair to her dramatic decision at the end, here are the reactions you have to see.

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“Heroes Reborn” Episode 3, Under the Mask, premiered to mixed reviews from fans online. Check out what everyone’s saying, along with a promo for next week.

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Will Travis lead everyone to destruction or will Daniel save them all? This is the recap and review for “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 1, episode 5, Cobalt.

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Heroes Reborn returns, feeling more like Heroes’ first season than regrettable later seasons. This review shares a few theories about just what’s going on.

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Alert viewers think they may have spotted Carl on “Fear the Walking Dead” episode 4. Was that really him? Check out these photos and decide for yourself.

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Check out the review & recap from episode 4 of Fear the Walking Dead. Travis is being Travis, which means things won’t end well. Read more here.

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Check out all the tweets & theories about Fear The Walking Dead Episode 3 that you have to see. Is the end near for Travis? What about the twist at the end?

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Check out the review & recap from episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead. Things are getting crazier and we’re beginning to see who has what it takes to survive.

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Do you have questions about how to order the Mayweather-Berto pay-per-view tonight? We have your details and answers.

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With Floyd Mayweather set to make history tonight against Andre Berto, we have your best options of how to watch the big fight.

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Showtime makes it easy to stream tonight’s fight between Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto. Here’s how.

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