Want to know what Joffrey, Catelyn, King Robert and Khal Drogo have been up to since their run on Game of Thrones? We’ve got you covered.

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Edward Snowden was interviewed in Russia by John Oliver on his HBO show ‘Last Week Tonight’ about the information he leaked about NSA cyber surveillance.

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Edward Snowden sat down in Russia for a surprise interview with John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight. They talked at length about “dick pics.”

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Need a cheap flat screen TV in time for a big game, birthday, or movie night? Here are five great deals.

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Thinking about getting a new 4K TV to watch the big game? Here are some great last minute deals.

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Thirty-year-old Bob Morley is one of the stars of The CW’s post-apocalyptic drama “The 100.” Read on to find out more about him.

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The 100 season 2 returns Wednesday. Here are all the spoilers you’re going to need before you watch any of the new episodes.

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Check out the flat screen TVs we found on sale. They should all arrive in time for Christmas.

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Looking to buy a new TV as a Christmas gift? We’ve found five great deals that should be on your radar

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One of football’s all-time great personalities, “The Boz” never lived up to the hype he created and, thanks to one Bo Jackson run, remains one of the great busts in NFL history.

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Do these TV spots make you want to buy a new iPhone?

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What time is Obama’s ISIS speech on September 10? What channel will it air on?

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ABC’s David Muir will be the only anchor with exclusive access to Apple’s “historic announcement.” Learn more about the man who will cover the iPhone 6 launch.

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If you’re planning on buying a 4K TV, these awesome sets are definitely worth checking out.

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The new TiVo Roamio OTA is cheaper than the entry-level TiVo Roamio set top box. But does cheaper mean better?

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A homeless man was arrested Tuesday morning for threatening to kill Michael Strahan. Andre Johnson tried to break into ABC’s Times Square studios and was carrying a knife.

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