MMAthletics Episode 9: Cushing, Lesnar/Carwin And More

Our partners over at have published the latest episode of MMAthletics with hosts Jay Glazer and Rachelle Leah.

In the newest episode, Glazer and Randy Couture talk about the history of MMAthletics, their business partnership in Las Vegas. Couture and Glazer train current professional athletes in various facets of mixed martial arts, adapting those skills to the respective sports that the athlete participates in.

Glazer and Couture also talk about their reaction to Brian Cushing, the Houston Texans linebacker who was suspended this off-season after testing positive for a banned substance. Cushing is one of the prime athletes trained by Couture and Glazer, and the duo explain why they reacted the way they did when the news was published.

Finally, Couture and Glazer break down the upcoming Lesnar/Carwin battle at UFC 116.

Check out the full episode below: