TUF 12 Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 Recap

Last Week, Team GSP earned two dominant wins in a single episode, and Team Koscheck exited the episode heading into the final preliminary fight with just one win.

The episode opens up with Koscheck, clearly disappointed, trying to rejuvenate his team. They just cannot seem to stick with the guys on Georges St. Pierre’s team, but the final fight, the final preliminary contest, does give Koscheck’s team some hope. The fight is announced, and Dane Sayers is set to take on Sako Chivitchian.

Back to the house, Spencer Paige reveals that he will not be eligible for the wildcard slot due to the fact that he broke his hand. All the other losing fighters from Koscheck’s team discuss how much they want the wildcard. However, some of the team voices their opinions that Jeff Lentz does not deserve it because he is drinking and chewing tobacco.

In the gym, the focus is back to Dane, who is training hard. St. Pierre says that he is the most improved fighter, while the word on the street is that he hits harder than anyone else on the team. That may be his only hope against his opponent, who seems to be heavily favored in the eyes of many.

Team Koscheck enters the gym while St. Pierre and company clear out. Koscheck takes the opportunity to insult a medic on St. Pierre’s side by calling him a “male nurse” several times. However, Koscheck still cannot get St. Pierre to talk any trash, though he does seem to be getting under the skin of St. Pierre’s crew.

GSP’s team is out of the gym, and Koscheck and his fellow coaches begin working with Sako again. Chivitchian is shown working with Daniel Cormier and several others. “Psycho” then speaks with Koscheck after the workouts, discussing his life-threatening situation and explaining how it really made him look at life in a different perspective. He also says he just doesn’t see himself losing, and Koscheck says he likes that mentality.

The scene then changes, as two baseball bats and helmets are shown on a field. The teams walk out and both coaches come face-to-face with this season’s challenge. It’s home run derby and St. Pierre does not seem to love his chances.

Koscheck starts off very strong, sending a few over the fences. St. Pierre, who says he has never held a bat before, got off to a very rough start. After the first inning, Koscheck was up 7-3.

Koscheck led of the second with another strong start, and St. Pierre fell behind 16-3. However, he began figuring out the whole baseball thing and brought it to within six heading into the last inning.

Unfortunately for St. Pierre, Koscheck came out firing in the final inning, pushing his lead to 24. St. Pierre, who clearly seemed to realize he was too far behind, did not score a single point in the last frame. Koscheck immediately takes the opportunity to brag, telling the champion he better get used to the feeling of losing. St. Pierre says the contest was not fair, but is in good spirits despite the loss.

Sako Chivitchian vs. Dane Sayers

Round 1: Chivitchian immediately came out looking for the takedown, but Sayers quickly looks for the guillotine choke. Chivitchian works his ground and pound, but Sayers pushes up against the cage. They clinch briefly, then separate, with “Psycho” moving forward once again. However, they quickly move back to the clinch. Sayers pressing the action with double underhooks. Chivitchian decides he doesn’t like to be pushed around and reverses the positions. Not much progress from either in the clinch and they separate. The two exchange combinations, but nothing really lands flush. The fighters move back to the clinch to end the round. No real damage done to either fighter in a close opening round.

Round 2: Chivitchian opens up the second with a nice pace, and Sayers seems down to roll. “Psycho” lands several nice shots and pushes the action to the floor, looking to smother his opponent. Chivitchian in half guard, but, due to the limited ground and pound, he may be looking for side control next. Actually, he appears to be looking to trap an arm. Punches here and there land for Chivitchian, but Sayers sees an opening and makes a slick escape. Chivitchian, however, quickly tangles back up with Sayers against the cage. He looks for the trip, but Sayers defends. 2:00 to go in the round. Now Sayers is the one pressing the action, forcing Chivitchian up against the cage. He looks for the takedown and, if Chivitchian hadn’t blatantly grabbed the cage, he likely would have ended up in a nice spot. However, that was not the case, as he hardly was able to pull “Psycho” down, as Chivitchian easily pushed his way back up. Back in the clinch, Rosenthal tells Chivitchian to stop grabbing the fence, but no point is deducted. Round ends and each coach say that there may be a third round.

Following the fight, Koscheck said he was surprised by Dane’s abilities by taking Chivitchian to a decision. He also says that the fight was a good fight for his team and “Psycho”. However, Sayers is extremely disappointed.

Wildcard Selections

The coaches sit down with Dana White to discuss who they felt deserved the wildcard slots. St. Pierre says that he believes in Sayers, but Koscheck believes a good wrestler would be able to take him down over and over. Both coaches continue to explain who they feel deserve the spots, and Dana then makes the announcement.

Aaron Wilkinson and Marc Stevens each earn a shot at redemption in the tournament. The camera pans on the other fighters who vied for the slots, and all seemed disappointed, and rightfully so. Sayers seemed especially shocked, as did members from his team.

Next week, Koscheck continues to egg on Team GSP, focusing in on the medic he continuously calls a “male nurse”. The situation escalates and the two teams are quick to get in each other’s faces. Also, the next round of the tournament begins. Check back in next week for all the action from “The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck”.

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