The Ultimate Fighter 13: Episode 1 Recap & Results


Round 1: Shamar uses his wrestling to take down and completely and utterly control Nordin on the ground. It turns out that the No-Wrestling Epidemic previously thought to be centered on England might also be infecting the rest of Europe. This fight is literally only on the feet for about 3 seconds before Shamar takes him down, and Nordin only gets back to his feet once before being taken right back down to the mat. Shamar wins the round in easy fashion.

Round 2: Shamar doesn’t even have to take Nordin down this time because Nordin falls on his ass while going for a head kick. Shamar gets on top, nearly gets Nordin’s back until Nordin reverses. Sadly, this does not last very long, as Shamar gets on top and literally stays there for the rest of the fight. Another easy round for Shamar. He didn’t really go for the finish, but he never left himself exposed for reversals or submissions from the guard, and that’s a plus.

Winner: Shamar Bailey via unanimous decision, 20-18

Shamar says the fight was a success because he didn’t show all of his tools. It was a smart strategy from Team Dos Santos, so kudos to Lew or Junior or whoever came up with the idea.

Dana: “Round 1. Shamar lays on top of him for five minutes. Round 2. Shamar lays on top of him for five minutes. Not the most exciting fight in Ultimate Fighter history.” Truth spoken here, folks.

Brock says the result was to be expected because they put their best guy against his worst. He admits that if Junior’s team wins the next fight, it’ll be a long road for Team Lesnar.

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