LISTEN: ‘Vagina Is Expensive,’ Trump Told Howard Stern — Hear The Audio

Just days after Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump in the first presidential debate with the story of how he insulted a Miss Universe beauty pageant winner as “Miss Piggy” and publicly humiliated her over her weight in front of reporters, another example of Trump displaying a crudely sexist attitude toward women surface on Thursday — this one from one of Trump’s more than two dozen appearances on the Howard Stern show.

In the audio, which can be heard by clicking on the box above, Stern relates an anecdote in which Trump gave him a piece of marital advice. Be warned, language used in the audio could be considered offensive.

The recording, uncovered on Thursday by The Huffington Post, comes from a 1997 exchange between Stern and Trump on the show, in which Stern relates an incident that occurred at Trump’s wedding to second wife Marla Maples four years earlier, in which Stern said Trump told him, “vagina is expensive.”

Trump would have been 47 years old at the time.

“Donald pulled me aside at his wedding,” Stern is heard to say in the long-buried sound clip. “He said, ‘You know I am getting remarried, but Howard, vagina is expensive!’ I will never forget those words. The guy is right. Those were the exact words!”

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Radio host Howard Stern (Getty)

Trump’s voice can then be heard on the audio file responding, “that’s pretty close,” in effect admitting that he did, in fact, make the crude remark to Stern — or one very similar to it.

The new evidence that Trump has used language demeaning to women surfaces on the same day as a report in The Los Angeles Times, revealing that Trump insisted on firing restaurant hostesses at his high-end L.A.-area country club who were, in his judgment, “not pretty enough.”

That story originates in sworn legal testimony by Hayley Strozier, a manager at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, which Trump opened in 2005. Stormier testified that though Trump would pay only a few visits to the club every year, when he did show up, he always pointed out women working at the club’s restaurant who he felt were overweight, or otherwise unattractive in his view, and would demand that they be fired.

The problem became so regular that Strozier, when Trump was scheduled to visit the club, made a point of scheduling only the youngest and thinnest female employees for work on days when he showed up.

Testimony for a 2012 labor relations lawsuit against a different Trump company contained similar stories of Trump insisting that female employees who were “not pretty enough” be replaced.

Donald Trump sexist, Trump sexism, Howard Stern Trump interview, Donald Trump women, Trump vagina expensive

Court document from 2012 lawsuit

Trump’s frequently derogatory statements about women have long dogged him in his presidential campaign. As a result, in a recent Associated Press poll, 64 percent of women who are registered voters said they had an unfavorable opinion of Trump. Among likely voters, Trump had just 34 percent support among women, according to the poll.

Donald Trump sexist, Trump sexism, Howard Stern Trump interview, Donald Trump women, Trump vagina expensive

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado (Getty)

Clinton raised the issue again at Monday’s debate, in which she repeated an inventory of Trump’s remarks directed at women, in which he referred to women as “fat pigs” and “dogs.” Clinton then told the story of Alicia Machado, who won the 1996 Miss Universe beauty pageant — a pageant that was owned by Trump.

Clinton related how Trump referred to Machado as “Miss Piggy,” after she experienced weight gain following her victory in the beauty contest. Trump also referred to Machado, who is Venezuelan, as “Miss Housekeeping.”

The day after the debate, the Clinton campaign released an advertisement in which Machado herself tells her story of her encounters with Trump.

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Trump, who no longer owns the Miss Universe pageant, appeared on the Fox News program Fox and Friends on Tuesday to defend his remarks about Machado.

“She was the worst we ever had,” Trump said. “She was the winner, and she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.”

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