Renee Swift McCain, Jack McCain’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts

Renee Swift McCain

Twitter/Renee McCain Jack and Renee McCain and their baby.

Renee Swift McCain is married to Jack McCain, one of John McCain’s youngest sons. Together, they have built a wonderful life together. They both serve in the military and they have a child and a greyhound. Renee often posts loving messages on social media about her family. She and Jack are also dedicated to fighting racism, which sadly, they encounter far too frequently. Read on to learn all about Renee.

1. She and Jack McCain Were Married in 2013

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Wonderful day at my son Jack's wedding!

A post shared by John McCain (@senjohnmccain) on Jun 1, 2013 at 7:04pm PDT

In 2013, Renee Swift and Jack McCain were married at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. A reception followed at the California Academy of Sciences. All of McCain’s children attended. The rehearsal dinner the night before took place at the Tonga Room of the Fairmont Hotel.

Sadly, when John McCain announced his son’s wedding on Facebook, numerous racist comments were left in response, including some people who referred to the McCains as “traitors.”

The couple has been fighting racism their entire relationship. Jack made headlines in 2016 after he called out people who criticized ad by Old Navy that featured an interracial couple. He tweeted: “To the people upset about the #OldNavy ‘Scandal’ of a picture of a mixed race marriage, eat it.” He also called them “ignorant racists.” His post was met with huge support, including from his wife.

After their wedding, they honeymooned in Africa. Jack was scheduled for another deployment shortly after their honeymoon.

2. She Serves in the Air Force Reserve

Renee serves in the Air Force Reserve. She’s currently in the Air Force Medical Service Corps. Her husband has always been very supportive of her career.

3. Renee, Who Is Two Years Older Than Jack, First Met Her Husband When They Were in Guam

Renee, 29, married Jack, 27, in 2013. They first met years earlier when Jack was stationed in Guam, serving in the Navy. Renee was also stationed in Guam as the captain in the Air Force Reserves.

4. Renee & Jack Had Their First Child in 2016

In November 2016, Renee and Jack celebrated the birth of their first child. And their baby is growing up just beautifully.

She and Jack are also the proud “parents” of a greyhound.

And the pup is absolutely adorable.

5. Renee Frequently Posts Happily About Her Husband & Her Life on Social Media

Renee and Jack appear to be very much in love. Renee often posts loving and happy updates about her life on social media, and Jack does the same about her.

She’s also a strong advocate and mentor for women. And she has a great sense of humor.

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