Crazy Cat Lady: Reddit Users Search for Possible Cat Abuser


Getty Milly, a 13-week-old kitten waits with her brother Charlie (L) to be re-homed at The Society for Abandoned Animals Sanctuary in Sale, Manchester.

Multiple people online are trying to track down the “Crazy Cat Lady,” an Omegle user who has allegedly abused cats during live streams on the platform. According to Reddit users, the unidentified individual, who is presumed to be a woman, has reportedly tortured multiple cats.

Heavy has not independently confirmed these claims. The individual has apparently been using her TikTok account to announce the schedule of her Omegle streams. The Crazy Cat Lady uses multiple “furry” tags on Omegle, including “furry,” “fursuit,” “furries” and “furryfandom.”

In another video believed to belong to the Crazy Cat Lady, she wrote a message saying: “Why you ask? Because I’m tired of degenerate brats who think they are better than me. I was raped once and abused by my boyfriend. I want to put fear in others even if I scar brats.”

Social Media Users Are Attempting to Discover the Identity of the Crazy Cat Lady

In a SubReddit called “DontF***WithCats,” users have been trying to track down the identity of the Crazy Cat Lady. Some have said that the suspect lives in France, and others have said she lives in Houston, Texas. According to some users, the individual uses a virtual private network to hide her identity.

In a video on the Crazy Cat Lady’s presumed TikTok channel, she wrote, “I have friends watching any posts, accounts, etc, that is talking about me. Those calling the police I already know but my childhood friend and told me about it since her Grandpa is a chief cop.”

Multiple users have said that they’ve called the police in Houston. Heavy has reached out to the authorities in Houston but did not immediately hear back.

Update: 3 p.m. ET on May 3:

The SubReddit has been “temporarily closed” because of the efforts from some Reddit users trying to find the Crazy Cat Lady’s personal information. The community stated:

There is doxxing going on here and this sub needs to be temporarily closed until we figure out what to do. Dont send a message asking for entry, you’re only adding on and delaying the discussion we are trying to have. If you care, dont message us right now.

Social Media Users Share Graphic Descriptions of the Crazy Cat Lady’s Videos

Warning: Although there are no pictures or videos of the Crazy Cat Lady’s live streams below, some of the descriptions are graphic.

According to many Reddit users, the individual has been torturing multiple cats by skinning and burning them alive, among other things.

One user wrote:

hey. please help find this person that is going around omegle under the furry tag, from what i know she’s killing cats, skinning them alive and burning them and drinks the cats blood.

According to other users, the Crazy Cat Lady has shown skulls of cats during the Omegle live streams. A Reddit user with the alias GamerGirl362 described a live stream she saw of the Crazy Cat Lady:

So my friend was on Omegle, and she came across a girl who told her that under the interest, ‘furry’, and she said how there was a woman on there who killed, burned, and skinned cats. I will not post a picture because it is very graphic, and I deleted it because I was forever scarred. She wanted to find them. Before she was going to give up, she found them. Some people experienced the burning, others the skinning. She experienced her holding its skull. HOLDING THE SKULL. At first, my friend thought it was fake, but then she saw their thumb in its jaw, and then, they poked its eye out.

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