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On August 7 and 8, many reports surfaced online that internet personality Lovely Peaches, whose real name is Brittany Johnson, had lost custody of her daughter, Cora. Johnson is a 19-year-old TikTok star and internet personality who rose to fame on social media for her strange and often disturbing posts. Her posts and videos often involved threatening Cora and laughing about the harmful things she would do to her young daughter.

According to a Dexerto report, an FBI investigation was recently launched and Cora was removed from Johnson’s custody. On August 6, multiple organizations reported that Cora is now safe and no longer with Johnson. However, some people took to social media to state that Cora wasn’t in Johnson’s custody to begin with and the recent videos of the two together were taken during a visitation.

Amidst these child custody reports, all of Johnson’s social media accounts were removed. According to multiple users on Reddit, all of her accounts have been deleted, including TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. It’s unclear at this time if they were all deleted for breaking community guidelines or if Johnson deleted them herself.

Multiple Organizations Reported in the Past Few Days That Johnson Had Lost Custody of Her Daughter

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✖️Update:✖️ We wanted to let you know we turned the comments off on this post because we are getting inundated with questions about sweet Cora’s safety. We also have many questions about the details of the entire case. What we know from our experience is that the multiple phone calls we’ve made personally to the FBI, Police, CPS and every other possible number that’s available to report this disgusting abuse to, we were told that Cora is safe and it was being “taken care of”. We also got word from another supporter that her instagram was taken down, and that was accurate as of last night. Every one of you can call to confirm this as well. Our reputation should be about transparency, not perfect PR strategies. We do not take any of this lightly and would feel worse if, the authorities were dishonest with us and we found out we were misinformed about her being safe because we could’ve been louder longer and kept her from harm. Not because it would hurt us. If some of the other theories end up being true and Cora has been with her grandparents this whole time, is safe and has been safe, than we will be even happier, because she has been safer longer, and not in pain like we saw in the videos. We’ve made sure to post everything with the same information that has been available to the public. We started this as a group of concerned moms who literally only wanted to bring awareness to child trafficking, and ended up created a movement with other concerned people too. We want to share the message that we are only human and not perfect, but do our absolute best to be accurate, factual, as unbiased as possible and altruistic in our mission to help children affected by all this straight awfulness. Also, the money donated to us goes directly to front line shelters and child rescue operations. We’ve got nothing to hide because honestly, we know we’re doing our best, and that’s okay with us. We hope you will continue calling the authorities to demand charges for peaches. Let’s do what we can to bring her justice.

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On August 6, Children’s Riot, whose mission is to “change laws in order to better protect every child from trafficking and exploitation,” posted to Instagram to say that Cora is “safe” and “being taken care of.” They confirmed this following the “multiple phone calls we’ve made personally to the FBI, Police, [Child Protective Services]” and others.

The organization also acknowledged that Cora may have been in her grandparents’ custody during this time and not in Johnson’s custody as many believed: “If some of the other theories end up being true and Cora has been with her grandparents this whole time, is safe and has been safe, than we will be even happier, because she has been safer longer, and not in pain like we saw in the videos.”

The Salvation Foundation, whose mission is to “aid in the awareness, prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of sex trafficking victims and survivors” also posted about Johnson on Instagram, writing that the work of the public, the FBI and others made sure that “Lovely Peaches will not be able to hurt her daughter again.”

A Post Millenial article from April 2020 wrote that the FBI confirmed that Cora had been removed from Johnson’s custody at a young age and she had not been in contact with her mother since the age of 8 months.

Johnson Rose to Fame for Her Social Media Stunts & Controversial Videos

Johnson gained a social media following for her controversial videos and posts. Johnson’s actions and threats toward her daughter were well-documented on her social media, sparking a couple of petitions on calling for her arrest. At the time of writing, one of those petitions had reached nearly 200,000 signatures. The Louisiana native had posted multiple videos claiming that she would sell her baby to sex traffickers and laughing about the sexual assaults that her baby had allegedly suffered.

It’s unclear exactly how old Cora is, with some outlets reporting that she’s eight months old and others saying she’s now a few years old.

More recently, Johnson began threatening TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, saying she had hired a man to “sexually assault Charli during a livestream.” One report from HITC claims that Johnson began harassing D’Amelio during a livestream by posting harassing comments, causing D’Amelio to end her livestream. At the time, Johnson was banned from TikTok.

Johnson also released some music and her artist profile has over 60,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her best known songs are “You Don’t Know Me” and “Burnin’ N’ Itchin’.”

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