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How to Stream Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: Your Ultimate Viewing Guide

spider-man and his amazing friends


Stream Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man hasn’t always swung solo, and he hasn’t always only teamed up with the Avengers, either. From September 1981 to December 1983, Spidey had his Spider-Friends in Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends. Running at a slim 24 episodes over three seasons on NBC, there weren’t all that many adventures between the webhead, Iceman and Firestar, but the show makes the slim number count.

Featuring the likes of Kingpin, Loki, Red Skull, Dracula and even a T-Rex at one stage, this historic show is a trip down memory lane for MCU aficionados and Marvel new-comers alike. Despite there only being a limited DVD release, you can watch Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends online, as Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends is streaming.

Here’s how to watch Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends streaming online:

How to Stream ‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends is one of the fan-favorite Disney original movies that will be streaming exclusively on Disney’s new subscription streaming service, Disney+.

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  4. 4. Search for “Descendants”
  5. 5. Tap on “Descendants”
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‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’: Overview

When Was It On TV: September 1981 – November 1983
Creators: Dennis Marks, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Starring: Dan Gilvezan, Frank Welker, Kathy Garver
Synopsis: Spider-Man teams up with Iceman and Firestar, his Spider-Friends, to battle evil.

‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Plot

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has friends this time as he, Iceman and newcomer to the Marvel Universe Firestar band together to fight crime. Working out of their hide-out in Aunt May’s house, the three heroes face various foes from within the Marvel canon, including Doctor Doom and the Green Goblin.

How Many Seasons of ‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Are There?

There are three seasons of Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends. All three followed a loose plot of villain-of-the-week episodes, with occasional recurring characters to give a sense of cohesion. The first began in September 1981, and ran for 13 episodes until December 1981, while the second had only three episodes and ran from September 1982 to October 1982, and finally, the third season of eight episodes finished the series off, running from September 1983 to November 1983.

‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Season 1

In italics: 13 Episodes | September 1981 – December 1981

Spider-Man, voiced by Dan Gilvezan, Iceman, voiced by Frank Welker and Firestar, voiced by Kathy Garver, face-off against a wide variety of Marvel villains, from Kingpin to Doctor Doom to the Red Skull in the climactic episode.

‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Season 2

In italics: 3 Episodes | September 1982 – October 1982

A special, truncated season that retells the origins of each of the three main characters, and includes appearances from several of the X-Men, including Professor Xavier, Cyclops, and Wolverine.

‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Season 3

In italics: 8 Episodes | September 1983 – November 1983

The final season is another hodge-podge of one-episode stories, this time introducing the likes of Marvel’s Dracula, S.H.I.E.L.D, and featuring more of the X-Men

The Best ‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’Episodes

With only 24 episodes, Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends didn’t have much time to shine, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some worthwhile stories. There was a lot of hopping between genre, from comedy to horror to action, and many of Marvel’s new fan-favorite characters like Daredevil and Loki make appearances.

Here’s a list of the best [Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends] episodes:

Season 1, Episode 2: “The Crime of All Centuries”

Kraven the Hunter tries to unleash dinosaurs upon the world, leading the heroic trio to a climactic battle with a T-Rex. Features George DiCenzo as Kraven.

Season 1, Episode 5: “Swarm”

The villain Swarm arrives and starts turning people, and Iceman and Firestar, into bees. Spidey is left on his own to try and stop the insect infection. Al Fann joins in as Swarm.

Season 2, Episode 2: “A Fire-Star Is Born”

An X-Men reunion has Iceman and Firestar visit their old haunt in Professor Xavier’s mansion, featuring appearances from Wolverine, Storm, and Juggernaut. William Callaway voices the oddly Australian-sounding Wolverine, while Kathy Garver plays for Storm, in addition to her regular duties as Firestar.

Season 3, Episode 3: “The Education Of A Superhero”

The show tackles videogames as Videoman makes a return, this time as a hero to help stop the Gamesman, after which Videoman joins the X-Men. Frank Welker plays Videoman.

‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Voice Cast

The main cast for the show is relatively small, while the list of one-off appearances is relatively high since most episodes feature at least one new villain. The actors often shared roles, creating a deep overlap between the central protagonists and everyone around them.

Dan Gilvezan as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

The iconic webhead is, naturally, featured in every episode of Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends. Peter’s as witty and down-to-earth as ever, given proper verve by Gilvezan. This was Gilvezan’s first major recurring TV role.

Frank Welker as Bobby Drake/Iceman

Booby Drake here is a slightly more confident version of Peter Parker, but only just. He’s given a firm spotlight in season three when the show re-tells his origin story. Fans of Scooby-Doo may recognize Welker’s voice as that of Fred Jones of the Scooby gang.

Kathy Garver as Angelica Jones/Firestar

A former member of the X-Men and brand new creation for this series, Firestar is the only regular female character aside from Aunt May. She’s bold and heroic but is sometimes drawn into a recurring subplot of who she would prefer to date, Bobby or Peter. An accomplished actor across live-action and voice work, this show was but one stepping stone among many for Garver.

June Foray as Aunt May

Almost as famous as Spider-Man himself, Aunt May plays the integral role of the landlady to the Amazing Friends and appears in several episodes, usually accompanied by her cute little dog, Miss Lion. A voice actor with a long and extensive career, this was the only time June Foray would work on an animated comic book series.

Who Are the Top Guest Stars on ‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’?

Like many comic book shows of its ilk, guest characters were often involved in the form of one-off villains, side characters and crossovers with the broader comic book universe. The cast generally shared vocal duties, so there aren’t many actual “guest stars” as such. Some of the more notable guests here include Flash Thompson making his animated debut, Dracula, Red Skull and Thor’s brother Loki.

“Here’s a list of the most important Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends guest stars:”

Frank Welker as Flash Thompson

Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s jocky high-school rival, makes his first jump into animation for this show, and is voiced by Frank Welker, the same actor who voices Iceman. Thompson provides a typically egotistical foil to whatever’s happening, appearing the episodes ‘Video-Man’ and ‘Spider-Man Unmasked’.

Stan Jones as Dracula and Professor X

Blade’s arch-nemesis appears in the season three episode ‘The Bride of Dracula’, and Professor Xavier appears in the first two episodes of season two, as well as the season three episode ‘The X-Men Adventure’, both voiced by Stan Jones.

Peter Cullen as Red Skull

The Red Skull, famed villain in Captain America: The First Avenger, makes a controversial appearance in the last episode of season one ‘The Quest of the Red Skull’. Explicit mentions of Hitler have made the episode a sore spot on syndication, though Peter Cullen’s performance is spot on.

John Stephenson as Loki

The half-brother of Thor causes mischief in the season one episode ‘The Vengeance of Loki’, an episode which John Stephenson audibly enjoys voicing.

Who Are the Writers & Creators Behind ‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’?

Several creators are credited with making the show what it is. According to IMDb, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko are listed as creators, while Dennis Marks and Dan Spiegle are given specific credit for creating Firestar. Dan Jurwich and Bob Richardson are listed as the only two directors, the pair sharing credits for 16 of the 24 episodes.

Developed by NBC to cash-in on the enormous popularity of ABC’s Super Friends, the series was initially aired alongside a Spider-Man solo series. However, it eventually moved to air alongside a Hulk animated series instead, and despite having only three seasons of varying length, it was heavily re-run well into the eighties.

Don Jurwich: Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Supervising Director

A veteran of American animation, this show was just one of many works Jurwich worked on. Helping to produce the Hulk series alongside this, and staying with animation right through the eighties, this is the only major directing credit in his filmography.

Bob Richardson: Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Series Director

A stalwart of Marvel animation, Richardson started directing Marvel properties with the 1979 Spider-Woman series before moving onto this. Richardson is still working in the area, too, helping direct two Avengers animated films in the 2000s.

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko: Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Co-Creators

Whether legacy credits because of their enormous stamp on the creation and popularity of Spider-Man or genuinely involved in the foundations of this show, these three titans of comics are rightfully recognized as the cornerstones of what makes series like this feasible.

‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Reviews – What the Critics Said

Very little is available online on what anyone thought of the show at the time of airing. We know it had a strong enough viewership to justify re-runs, despite the network changing the format and length of each season.

Where ‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Ranks in the Television Pantheon

The eighties were a strange time for Marvel television, and Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends reflects that. The series echoed the comedy and light-hearted nature of the Spider-Man sixties cartoon and the Spider-Woman solo show, but introduced greater peril and more darkness to the overall tone, as well as playing with Spider-Man as a part of a team. YouTuber RetroBlasting gives it a strong review, though questioning some of the gender dynamics. In a 2012 interview about the show, Story Artist Rick Hoberg said: “A lot of people think Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends was a turning point in cartoons in a lot of ways.”

‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Theme Song

The opening is a funky, psychedelic tune while an announcer introduces the show and characters.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends intro *Best Quality*Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is an animated series produced by Marvel Productions starring established Marvel Comics characters Spider-Man and Iceman and an original character, Firestar. As a trio called the Spider-Friends, they fought against various villains. Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Bobby Drake (Iceman), and Angelica Jones (Firestar) are all college students at Empire State University.…2009-10-25T22:13:38.000Z

‘Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends’ Trivia: 5 Fast Facts

1. Stan Lee provides narration for all three seasons

Stan the Man gave added narration to each season of the show, however, he was only formally brought in on season two, so his voice was added for re-runs of season one. Excelsior!

2. A number of characters were created for this show

Aside from Firestar, several characters were made specifically for this series. They include Lightwave, who’s a half-sister of Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, and anti-hero Videoman.

3. The pilot was adapted into a comic

In 1981, Marvel released the one-shot Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1, which adapted the first episode of the show. Many of the series’ elements were altered to fit regular Marvel continuity.

4. The producers originally wanted the Human Torch.

Firestar was invented out of necessity when rights issues prevented the show’s creators from getting the Human Torch from Fantastic Four.

5. The show was meant to rival ABC’s Super Friends

NBC made the series to emulate the success of ABC’s Super Friends, their DC comics animated show which ran from 1973-1985. Needless to say, this didn’t work out so well long-term.

Stream Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

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