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How to Stream ‘Even Stevens’: Your Ultimate Viewing Guide

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Stream Even Stevens Now

You may have forgotten, but if it wasn’t for Disney’s original sitcom Even Stevens, Shia LaBeouf might not be a celebrity today. The show served as the actor’s breakthrough role, and even though it was only on the network for three seasons, it’s a comedy that plenty of people are nostalgic over.

The Stevens family lives in Sacramento, California. While the premise focuses around the family, LaBeouf’s character of Louis had plenty of friends who more or less became regulars of the series. The fact that Even Stevens is streaming on Disney+ is a big deal. The reason being, the network itself reportedly last aired reruns back in 2016, during the Disney Replay block on Disney Channel. Thus, plenty of fans have been without it for years. And since LaBeouf’s career often makes headlines (sometimes for negative reasons) it’s a show that plenty of Disney fans want to revisit.

If you want to watch Even Stevens online, here’s everything you need to know, including the best episodes to catch and the most memorable guest stars.

How to Stream ‘Evens Stevens’ – Exclusively on Disney+

Even Stevens one of the classic Disney original shows that will be streaming exclusively on Disney’s new subscription streaming service, Disney+.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Disney+ HERE, which will allow you to stream Even Stevens and hundreds of other movies and shows on your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV or streaming device. If you extend past the free trial, the service costs $6.99/month. You may also opt for this discount bundle of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99/month.

  1. 1. Sign up for Disney+ here
  2. 2. Go to Disneyplus.com or download the Disney+ app on your device
  3. 3. Log in using your information
  4. 4. Search for “The Parent Trap”
  5. 5. Start streaming

Disney+ also boasts a vast library of Disney-owned movies and series — plus several new original series coming soon. The service includes unlimited downloads so you can watch offline whenever and wherever you want. The list of compatible devices and smart TVs includes iPadsApple TV, Amazon devices, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Chromecast, RokuPS4, and Xbox One.

Start Your Free Trial

‘Even Stevens’: Overview

When Was It On TV: June 2000 – June 2003
Creators: Matt Dearborn
Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Christy Carlson Romano, Nick Spano, Tom Virtue, Donna Pescow
Rating: TV-G
Synopsis: Siblings don’t always get along — and that’s evident in the Stevens household. This California family has to deal with the sparring of older sister Ren, and younger brother Louis, as they navigate through young adulthood.

Even Stevens Plot

Ren and Louis Stevens are often quarreling — that, or Louis is trying to use Ren as part of a scheme. Even though their personalities clash, there’s still some love between them based on the dynamic of their family, which includes their older brother Donnie (played by Nick Spano) dad Steve Stevens (played by Tom Virtue) and mom Eileen Stevens (played by Donna Pescow.)

How Many Seasons of ‘Even Stevens’ Are There?

Even Stevens aired for three seasons. Disney also made a feature-length Even Stevens movie, called The Even Stevens Movie, which aired in 2003 and is seen as the series finale of the show.

Even Stevens Season 1

21 Episodes | June 2000 – February 2001
The first season of the show introduced audiences to the Stevens family. In the first episode, Louis tries to auction off a date with his sister, Ren, in order to get a valuable trading card. The two interact once again in episode three, “Take My Sister… Please,” in which Louis tries hard to share a talent show spot with Ren. They also share some spotlight in “”Battle of the Bands,” where Ren becomes the lead singer in Louis’s new band. The 17th episode of the season, called “Get a Job”, puts Louis at work when he’s hoping to earn some quick cash.

Even Stevens Season 2

22 Episodes | June 2001 – February 2002
Ren becomes a student activist in “Shutterbugged,” soon after she’s not allowed to retake her school photo. She also tries hard to win over fellow student Bobby Deaver, who’s her crush. In the episode “Wombat Wuv,” Ren and Louis both take on roles as a cheerleader and school mascot, respectively. Brother Donnie’s chance at a scholarship is in danger after Louis accidentally pranks him in the 20th episode of the season, “Tight End in Traction.”

Even Stevens Season 3

22 Episodes | February 2002 – June 2003
The third season of the show focuses a lot on Louis and his group of friends. Louis starts a relationship with Tawny in the first episode of the season, titled “The Kiss.” Later, Louis and his friend Twitty start to believe that their friend Beans might be an extra-terrestrial. As for Ren, she tries hard to win the superlative of “Best Smile” in her school yearbook. The final episode of the series, aside from the movie, is called “Leavin’ Stevens” and centers around Eileen’s Congress win and the possibility of the family relocating to Washington, D.C.

The Best Even Stevens Episodes

There were plenty of memorable Even Stevens episodes, especially since the show wasn’t afraid to get a little bizarre at times. Here are the three that you won’t want to miss.

Season 2, Episode 5: “Secret World of Girls”

Fans can’t get enough of “Secret World of Girls,” which finds Louis eavesdropping in on Ren’s sleepover. Of course, it’s for a good reason — he wants to sell tickets to the sleepover, to raise money for a suit of armor. It’s not only a funny episode, but also the first episode that Beans appears in.

Season 1, Episode 20:  “Almost Perfect”

This episode was a big one for Ren, as she gets her first C in woodshop. But the laughs are focused around Louis, who inherits an old abandoned janitor’s closet to be used as a locker after his becomes infested.

Season 1, Episode 19: “Strictly Ballroom”

Right before “Almost Perfect” came “Strictly Ballroom,” which was another strong episode. In it, Louis and Ren go to a party. Soon after, Louis attempts to actually learn how to dance — and realizes quickly that he’s no good at it. As for Ren, she tries hard to make a good impression on Bobby Deaver.

‘Even Stevens’ Cast

It may have been Shia LaBeouf’s breakout show, but it also contained a bunch of other stars in the making. Here’s who rounded out the cast of Even Stevens.

Shia LaBeouf as Louis Stevens

Louis Stevens, the youngest of the three Stevens siblings, is a big fan of schemes and get-rich-quick ploys. Shia LaBeouf, as an actor, moved on to star in the Transformers franchise, as Sam Witwicky. He’s also a big fan of small independent films. Recent work includes the role of Tyler in the film The Peanut Butter Falcon, which is getting critical acclaim.

Christy Carlson Romano as Ren Stevens

Ren Stevens is a bit of an overachiever — but, she’s also a smart female presence in Even Stevens. She’s high strung and the polar opposite of her brother Louis. As for Christy Carlson Romano, she stuck with Disney after Even Stevens wrapped up. She’s the voice of the title character in the cartoon Kim Possible. She also appeared in the 1999 live-action movie as Poppy Blu.

Nick Spano as Donnie Stevens

While the show didn’t focus as heavily on Donnie, he’s still an important part of the Stevens family. Donnie is the athletic older brother who could run faster than most. Nick Spano has been out of the limelight in recent years, with Even Stevens reigning as his most successful sitcom.

Tom Virtue as Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens is an important lawyer with an unfortunate name (but, at least it’s memorable.) He’s also the father of Ren, Louis, and Donnie Stevens. Tom Virtue is still acting, recently paying a character in the series Dead to Me

Donna Pescow as Eileen Stevens

Donna Pescow’s portrayal of Eileen Stevens is an important one. There aren’t as many women in politics, so to have a family show feature such a high profile character is quite impressive. She was a State Senator of California, and at home, was still a good mom. Donna Pescow has appeared in a few television series since wrapping up Even Stevens most notably in The Flash, where she plays Dr. Sharon Finkel.

A.J. Trauth as Alan Twitty

Every main star needs a best friend — And, Twitty and Louis were quite close. Aside from being a prankster, he was also a musician, who had a band called The Alan Twitty Project. A.J. Trauth is still acting — but, much like his character, music seems to be his real calling.

Who Are the Top Guest Stars on ‘Even Stevens’?

Unlike other Disney shows, Even Stevens didn’t have too many guest stars. But, occasionally, there was a familiar face or two. Here are the most notable.

BBMak as Themselves

When it comes to boy bands, you’re probably more familiar with the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync. But BBMak was prominent in the early 2000s, which is exactly when Even Stevens aired. In the season 2 episode “Starstruck,” they make an appearance in Sacramento.

Alexander Gould as Grayson

Fans of Weeds will instantly recognize Alexander Gould. He plays young Grayson in the episode “Little Mr. Sacktown.”

Who Are the Writers & Creators Behind ‘Even Stevens’?

Matt Dearborn created Even Stevens, but couldn’t do it alone. Here are the key people who worked on the Disney hit.

Matt Dearborn: Even Stevens Creator

Before creating Even Stevens, Matt Dearborn also wrote for the Nickelodeon series The Secret World of Alex Mack. Currently, he’s serving as an Executive Producer on a show called Fast Layne.

Sean McNamara: Even Stevens Director

Sean McNamara directed seven episodes of the show, including the popular episodes “Influenza: The Musical,” “Almost Perfect,” and “Duck Soup.” He has also worked with Disney on 13 episodes of That’s So Raven between 2003 and 2005.

Sarah Jane Cunningham: Even Stevens Writer

Sarah Jane Cunningham is credited for writing 12 episodes of Even Stevens, including “Snow Job,” “Hardly Famous,” “Short Story,” and “Surf’s Up.” She’s also worked on shows like That’s So Raven and Rugrats.

‘Even Stevens’ Reviews – What the Critics Said

Even Stevens has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with all six critics saying it’s a well-thought-out family show. MTV even refers to it as “one of 2000s-era Disney Channel’s heavy hitters.” They even believe that the episode “Influenza: The Musical” may have been one of the reasons why Disney took a chance on original musicals on their channel.

Where ‘Even Stevens’ Ranks in the Television Pantheon

Even Stevens usually isn’t at the top of the list when it comes to ranking the best shows on The Disney Channel — that spot usually goes to That’s So Raven or Lizzie McGuire — but it’s usually in the top five. The fact that each sibling had such a distinct personality made it relatable to most. Fans would likely welcome a reboot. That is, if Shia LaBeouf would be on board.

‘Even Stevens’ Trailer

Even Stevens Promo- All the Moves (2002)Louis and Ren got them all. Credit goes to TapeTrove!2015-04-30T22:12:56.000Z

Stream Even Stevens Now

‘Even Stevens’ Theme Song

The Even Stevens theme song was created for the show by composer John Coda, who also did the theme for That’s So Raven.

Even Stevens Theme Song | Disney ChannelWatch the theme song from the Disney Channel Original Series, Even Stevens, starring Shia LaBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano! Official Site: disneychannel.com Click the SUBSCRIBE button to get notifications when new videos are posted! Like Disney Channel on Facebook: facebook.com/disneychannel Follow @DisneyChannel on Twitter: twitter.com/disneychannel Follow @DisneyChannel on Instagram: instagram.com/disneychannel2015-12-10T20:46:10.000Z

‘Even Stevens’ Trivia: 5 Fast Facts

1. Shia LaBeouf Thinks He Was Only Cast Because He Was a Troublemaker

In a 2011 interview with Hollywood Reporter, LaBeouf admitted that he was actually kicked out of school right before landing the gig on Even Stevens. “They didn’t hire me because I was a good looking dude,” he told them. “They hired me because I had no fear, no respect for authority, and no respect for boundaries.”

2. Supposedly, the Even Stevens Cast Streaked on Set

This is a weird fact, but it was reportedly confirmed by LaBeouf, who said he often did “insane things.” He initially chatted with Playboy about the incidents, and Access Online kept the transcript. “We’d be working on scenes… and we’d decide, ‘Hey, let’s strip down to our bare asses and streak down the hallway,'” he reportedly said. “Somewhere in the Disney vaults, there’s video footage with my penis on it.”

3. The Musical Episode Was All Thanks to One of the Actors on Set

“Influenza: The Musical” was one of the craziest, yet most popular episodes of the show, ripe with plenty of earwigs. You can thank Jim Wise, who plays Coach Tugnut, for making it possible. Wise wrote a majority of the songs from that episode and has been writing music ever since.

4. Speaking of Wise, He Suffered an Unfortunate on-Set Injury

At one point, reportedly in the film-finale, Coach Tugnut gets doused with a gigantic bowl of spaghetti. While funny, it’s easy to forget that a ton of spaghetti (and sauce) carries weight to it. According to ScreenRant, he was seeing stars and feeling pain down to his neck. But, good news — he’s okay.

5. Christy Carlson Romano Hasn’t Seen Her on-Screen Younger Brother in Over 10 Years

It makes sense for co-stars not to be quite as close after filming wraps — but, Romano seems to be quite removed from LaBeouf these days, even though they used to be close. After LaBeouf had a DUI that went public, Romano still had his back, even after admitting that she doesn’t condone drinking and driving. “He’s been through a lot, he’s had a hard life, and he grew up with some scars. But he’s a fighter,” Romano told People.

Stream Even Stevens Now

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