Grill something perfect, stay safe from the sun and travel safely with these five Fourth of July apps.

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Making drinks can be just as fun as making a nice dinner, but many people don’t think about using a recipe for a cocktail. Up your drink game with these free apps.

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Order food straight to your door with just the touch of a few buttons. Never worry about being too tired to cook again.

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Summer is here and with it comes sunshine, swimming and a lot of family fun. Download these five free apps to make everything go smoothly.

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Take your health into your own hands with these five free medical apps to set pill reminders or find your new doctor.

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Traveling can be stressful, but when you have these free flight and hotel apps on your side, you will be ready for anything.

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Books are not easy to carry around, especially if you want a few choices. Download any of these free apps to have access to hundreds of books digitally.

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Top 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps

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Sometimes you need an extra way to send a message either because you don’t have service somewhere or you can’t afford to text. These five apps will solve that.

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Watching TV shows and movies on the go has never been easier than with these five free apps. Download, sign-up and binge the day away.

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Your photos will be online forever, so you might as well edit them. use these five easy and free apps to turn your selfies into pieces of art.

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Cooking can be a daunting task but having a video tutorial or smart timer makes it much easier. Use these five recipe apps to cook up a storm at home.

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Kids are born knowing how to use a touch screen device, so instead of having them get into apps they shouldn’t, download some family friendly games instead.

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Stay up on the latest news from around the web with News360. Set your favorite subjects and learn about things that interest you.

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Digg puts all of your favorite blogs and news sites into one place. You don’t have to go from app to app to find what you want to read. Digg has it in one place.

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Get ten articles delivered to your phone with Yahoo News Digest. Don’t worry about paywalls or other apps, everything is customizable and in one place.

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