Destiny 2 Warmind: How to Trigger the Heroic Warsat Public Event

Destiny 2 Warsat Heroic

The new Destiny 2 DLC – Warmind – has officially released and it has a ton of new content for players to enjoy. Along with a new story, location, loot, and activities, users can attempt to complete the new Warsat Public Event. This can only be found on Mars, but thankfully it’s a fairly easy one to trigger if you have a few players participating in the activity. Here’s a breakdown of how to trigger and finish the Heroic Warsat Public Event in Destiny 2.

There is also a TL;DR section at the bottom showing the steps.

Despite appearing similar to the Warset Public Event in the original Destiny, the Warmind DLC gives it a slight twist for the Heroic modifier. To normally complete this Public Event you will need to stand in the designated circle around the Warsat as it ticks up to 100%. During this, waves of Hive will try and kill you, forcing fireteams to engage in a constant firefight.

However, during this event several Shriekers – the floating turrets – will spawn around the Warsat. These will remain closed until you kill Two Wizards that spawn around the map. Once two Wizards have been killed a single Shrieker will open up letting you destroy it. You’ll need to repeat this process two more times until all three Shriekers are destroyed. That’s a total of six orange bar Wizards that need to be killed.

Once all of the Shriekers are blown up a powerful boss Ogre will spawn close to the Warsat. You will need to summon this beast to trigger the Heroic modifier for the Public Event. The Ogre has a lot of health, so save your supers until this creature makes his appearance. Additionally, we recommend having everyone step out of the Warsat’s designated zone before engaging with the Ogre. After the Ogre spawns you won’t need to worry about increasing the percentage for the Warsat.

During our testing, we had the last Shrieker occasionally close on us even when the last Wizard died. This is probably because we passed 90% on the Warsat, which triggered the Shriekers to close around us. Remember, if you are trying to trigger this Heroic modifier always step away from the Warsat when the last Wizards spawn. This is the best way to ensure that the event doesn’t end while you’re still trying to finish it.


  • Stand in the Warsat until two Wizards spawn.
  • Kill the two Wizards to make one of the three Shriekers open.
  • Destroy the open Shrieker.
  • Repeat this process two more times until all the Shriekers are destroyed.
  • Kill the boss Ogre to end the Heroic Public Event
  • Make sure the Warsat doesn’t hit 100% before the Ogre is spawned.

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