Where to Find the Spare Keys in Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 remake spare keys

Just like other games in this franchise, the remake of Resident Evil 2 is full of key items that have little to no explanation. Two of these items are the Spare Keys, which are needed to repair the keypad in the Safety Deposit Room. First referenced in the Storage Locker Terminal Memo, you will be unable to complete this keypad until you earn the Diamond Key.

Both Spare Keys are located in portable safes, which are hidden in two separate areas. Once you get the Portable Safe you’ll need to open them via the mini-game that starts once you examine the item. These Spare Keys will be in the same location for both Claire and Leon on their respective first playthroughs. There is no other place you can find these items and you will have to open the portable safes to get them.

Your first Spare Key/Portable Safe can be found in the Shower Room on the second floor. You won’t need any keys or the valve to remove the steam. Once you walk in the Shower Room, turn to your right and you’ll find the safe on a stack of towels and shirts. Now just examine the safe and complete the puzzle to unlock the first Spare Key.

The second Spare Key/Portable Safe is located in the Linen Room on the second floor. This room is only unlockable after you’ve obtained the Diamond Key. Once you have the Dimond Key, make your way to the second floor and unlock the door to the Linen Room. Inside is the second Portable Safe which will contain the last Spare Key.

Remember, you can put one of the Spare Keys in the keypad even if you don’t own the other. This means you’ll have access to some extra loot early,m which is always helpful in the remake of Resident Evil 2. However, if you want the Hip Pouch you will need both Spare Keys, so we recommend grabbing them as soon as possible.

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