Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset Review

ASTRALIS' GLA1VE LEADS FROM ANYWHERE – Introducing Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming HeadsetWhen in-game #Astralis leader Gla1ve has a plan, he needs to be able to lead from anywhere. Introducing Elite Atlas Aero, the ultimate wireless gaming headset for PC gamers and streamers. PRE-ORDER NOW: bit.ly/2N1Ld8c #HearEverything #SmokeBanana ============================= Like, subscribe, and hit that bell! 🔔 Stay in the know: facebook.com/turtlebeach twitter.com/turtlebeach instagram.com/turtlebeach turtlebeach.com Questions about your…2019-08-14T13:02:31Z


• Wireless game and chat
• Independent game and chat volume control
• Waves Nx 3D Audio
• Glasses friendly
• Durable comfort
• 50mm Nanoclear Speakers
• Pro Gaming Mic with Truspeak Technology
• Remappable on-ear controls
• Variable mic monitoring
• 30-hours of battery life
• Access to comprehensive audio customization suite (Control Studio)
• EQ Audio Presets, Including Bass Boost
• Dynamic Chat Boost
• Macro Compatibility

Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach’s lineup of wireless gaming headsets has proven to be extremely valuable. The Stealth and Elite variations of headset models for consoles are top of the line and worth the high pricing they warrant. The latest piece of audio hardware to come from the iconic gaming hardware producer/manufacturer is specially made for PC gaming. That model is the pro performance gaming headset known as the Elite Atlas Aero, one of 2019’s best audio accessories.

The first time you decide to slip the Elite Atlas Aero over your ears, you’ll quickly come to appreciate how comfortable they feel. With memory foam ear cushions, a soft top that’s held steady by a stable metal headband and a glasses-friendly ProSpecs design, the Elite Atlas Aero does a fine job of feeling great for long gaming sessions. Transporting this headset model around is an easy process thanks to the portable design, which makes it a viable option for usage with mobile devices. As a wired headset, the Elite Atlas Aero works fine enough with home consoles. But its sound quality truly comes to life when attached to anyone’s expensive gaming rig.

Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach’s downloadable Control Studio app for desktop devices helps the Elite Atlas Aero reach its full potential. On its own, the headset works admirably well thanks to its Waves Nx 3D Audio technology and amazing 50mm Nanoclear Speakers. Once you get the chance to customize the Elite Atlas Aero to your hardcore specifications, you’ll come to see just how much more you can improve upon its toolset. It’s possible to turn on the Superhuman Hearing audio feature and get the best experience out of certain genres, especially first-person shooters. You’ll quickly find yourself treating the Control Studio like a game unto itself as you try to perfectly balance your game/chat audio, remap certain options to the headset’s on-ear controls and personalize your 3D audio experience.

In a cool move by Turtle Beach, the headset manufacturer has released a PC headset audio enhancer. The Atlas Edge is capable of providing the same high-quality features sported on the Elite Atlas Aero to other Turtle Beach headset models. So if you’re looking to stick with your favorite pair of Turtle Beach headphones and don’t want to throw down $150 for a new one, the Atlas Edge is a much cheaper alternative.

Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach


  • The Waves Nx 3D Audio and Superhuman Hearing truly maginifies the immersive experience of playing certain genres
  • The comfortability factor is high, especially for anyone wearing glasses
  • The dizzying amount of Control Studio customization options is insane (in a good way)


  • None to speak of

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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