Halsey Stuns Fans With Amazing Overwatch D.Va Cosplay

halsey overwatch dva cosplay

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It sure looks like Halsey is making the most out of her quarantine if her recent Instagram activity is anything to go by. She tried her hand at a new cosplay, and this time it’s from Overwatch.

Since Overwatch is one of the most popular games in the world, it’s no surprise to see its diverse cast of heroes brought to life in the form of cosplays with relative frequency.

Perhaps because she’s one of the game’s original, fans will often share their take on D.Va. It also helps that she has received all sorts of different skins for players to experiment with.

dva overwatch

BlizzardD.Va online!

Because of this, there’s always a fresh design out there that’s ripe for a cosplay. However, it appears that the most popular and iconic design remains the original one that she first appeared in.

The blue, pink, and black design is very hard to not recognize immediately, and when you couple it with D.Va’s pink facepaint and bunny logo, it’s hard to ignore.

As it turns out, singer Halsey is a big fan of the game, as evidenced by her D.Va cosplay swimsuit. Instead of stopping there, the singer took it an extra step and put on some facepaint and her hands on a D.Va headset.

The end result was a perfect recreation of the popular Overwatch hero that will be instantly recognizable to anybody who plays the game.

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another day another play ????

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She took a series of pictures in the outfit, confirming she was happy with how everything turned out. Considering the picture massed over two million likes on Instagram, it’ll be interesting to see if she tries out any other cosplays.

Overwatch has several other heroes she could try and cosplay if she decides to go that route, or she could also take her talents to other games and open her doors up even more.

Whatever route she decides to take, we’re excited to see what Halsey is able to cook up next!

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