NYPD Want Banksy: New Piece Appears on Manhattan’s Upper West Side

banksy, nyc, west 79

(Sam Sheffer @samsheffer via Twitter)

Amid reports that the NYPD wants graffiti artist Banksy in handcuffs, a new piece has appeared today on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, near West 79th Street & Broadway.

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The new piece appears at the same time the media is reporting that Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD have their eyes set on nabbing the guerrilla artist.

However, the reports are contradicting previous reports that Bloomberg merely finds him a nuisance, but has no intention of spending government resources in capturing him for defacement of public property.

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Scroll down to see the newest piece in Banksy’s street collection — or go see it for yourself before it’s gone.

banksy, nyc, west 79

(Peter Lattman @peterlattman via Twitter)

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