Snarky Tea on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Sassy Beverages Created to Empower Women

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Snarky Tea entered the Shark Tank with their line of teas with names like “Wake the F**k Up,” “Get Your A** in Bed” and “Get Your Sh*t Together.”

We interviewed founder Jenni-Lyn Williams, the self-proclaimed Chief Snark Officer, who started the company while balancing being a wife and mom with studying for her MBA. Her doctor suggested she drink less coffee and when the names of the teas on the market didn’t spark her interest, her idea for sassier ones was born.

Since October of 2016, they have sold $270,000 worth of product. And with every tin sold, the company emphasizes the comradery of sisterhood. “Snarky Tea is my way of reaching out to women with good humor and saying “You’re not alone.” We all need to calm the f**k down some days!”

Here’s what else she told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

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Last year was a real turning point in my life. I was working full time at Lincoln Financial Group in Radnor, Pennsylvania, and studying for an MBA at Villanova University while trying to keep up with a one-year-old. To say I was exhausted would be an understatement! While seeing my doctor to discuss some shaking I was experiencing, she mentioned that I was drinking too much coffee and should switch to tea. The next day I walked into the coffee bar at work where the teas had names like Hibiscus and Dandelion and I joked that if there was a tea called “Wake the F*** up,” I know exactly which one to order.

What Makes Their Tea Unique

I think this one is probably pretty obvious. Most teas are targeted to a very specific type of wellness-focused customer. Our teas are more approachable for people who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves to be tea drinkers. It allows people who are exploring tea as a healthful habit to try ingredients that more experienced tea drinkers seek out. Ingredients like Yerba Mate, a natural stimulant and nutritional powerhouse, which is in our Wake The F**k Up blend, which novices might never have otherwise known about!

Her Surprise At Getting on ‘Shark Tank’

I never thought that the nature of my product would be a fit for the show. I thought the labeling would exclude me from appearing. Never say never! My advice would be, you never know until you try. This is the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity possible and I almost allowed by doubts to keep me from applying.

Customer Feedback

Our customers are the absolute best! We get outstanding reviews which can be seen on our Facebook Page or on the Reviews page of our Snarky Tea website. I love to hear from people that have really connected with the products. Comments like “you make my life more fun” are exactly what keep me going!

Interested in Snarky Tea? Buy it here.

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