Billy Flynn Today: Where Is Pamela Smart’s Lover Now?

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Billy Flynn was only a teenager when he found himself at the center of one of the century’s biggest and most salacious televised media trials.

Flynn was the triggerman who killed a New Hampshire man named Greggory Smart, but he pointed the finger at Smart’s wife, Pamela Smart, as the mastermind behind the plot. Flynn and Pamela Smart, then a 21-year-old school media coordinator in New Hampshire, had been having an affair. His full name is William Flynn.

Pamela Smart was convicted and became one of the most notorious convicted female murderers from the 1990s. The case keeps finding its way back on TV. She was the subject of a 2018 three-part Investigation Discovery Channel series in which she proclaims her innocence.

Now, she’s repeating the innocence claims on ABC’s 20/20 on January 10, 2020. “I have been portrayed as [an] ice princess, a black widow, a killer, and none of those things could be further from the truth,” Smart told 20/20 in a new interview.

Today, the former school media coordinator remains in prison, where she is serving a life prison term without parole, and prosecutors have spoken out against her claims of innocence. You can learn more about the ID series here. It’s called Pamela Smart, an American Murder Mystery.

The case was especially salacious because photos emerged of Smart posing in lingerie, and the trial was heavily covered by the media.

The first ID episode contains an interview with Smart. “Pamela Smart’s 1991 trial for the murder of Greg was the first of its kind to be broadcast from gavel-to-gavel. In her own words, Pam tells The Missing Pieces about life in prison, being a media sensation, and why she still insists she’s innocent,” ID wrote.

However, what happened to Billy Flynn, who was only 16 at the time of the murder? Where is he today?

Here’s what you need to know:

Billy Flynn Moved to Maine After Being Paroled in 2015

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Billy Flynn was paroled in 2015. You can watch video from his parole hearing above. In March 2016, WMUR reported that Flynn, who was then 41-years-old, had spent 25 years behind bars. He was granted parole the first time he tried for it.

He told the Parole Board that he was ready to transition back into society. He was going to be a journeyman electrician and had been disciplinary action free for 10 years. He was urged by a parole board member to stay out of the media during parole

He expressed remorse to the board, saying, “I know that nothing I can say here today will be of comfort to the Smart family, but at the very least, I sincerely hope that this will be the last time they have to be publicly reminded of their grief, and I am truly sorry for the pain I have caused them.” He was labeled a model inmate who earned a college degree behind bars. His attorney called him an “exemplary inmate.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Flynn said, “I will always feel terrible about what happened 25 years ago. Parole will not change that.”

“I do feel a sense of responsibility to continually try to balance the scales that can’t be balanced,” Flynn said, according to WMUR, which added that he married his wife Kelly while incarcerated. “I will try to do something with my life that matters and makes a difference.”

In 2016, New Hampshire Magazine reported that Billy Flynn was living in Maine with his wife.

“Flynn, who is taller and appears physically stronger than in photos, was released on lifetime parole on June 4, 2015. He sports a mustache and goatee, and seems congenial until a camera comes out,” the story explained, adding that he was working but would not say where.

For her part, in 2018, Pamela Smart was 51-years-old. Prison records say she is being held by the New York State Department of Corrections at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Bedford, New York. She is serving a sentence of life without parole; a petition is seeking to make her parole eligible.

Pamela Smart maintains then and now that Flynn hatched the murder plot on his own because she had broken their relationship off.

Pamela Smart: Husband's Death Something 'I Have To Carry For The Rest Of My Life'WBZ-TV's Paula Ebben sat down for an exclusive interview with Pamela Smart, who is serving life in prison. Read More: Get more news on CBS Boston: Subscribe on YouTube: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

William “Billy” Flynn’s friends have also been released from prison, according to Fox News.

Pamela Smart: In Her Own Words (part1)This is the first part in a series of audio interviews with Pamela Smart who is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for Accomplice to First Degree Murder of her own husband, Gregg Smart, a crime, which she has claimed innocence for twenty-five years. Pamela Smart is not the "vixen school teacher"…2015-09-08T00:20:57.000Z

The Boston Herald recounted the details of the murder: Flynn and his accomplice, Pete Randall, broke into the Smart’s condo and, when Gregg Smart showed up, they forced him to his knees and Flynn shot him in the head, killing him. The evidence against Pamela Smart included audio tapes in which she told her intern to lie to the police so they wouldn’t all go to jail, although the tapes are said to be of poor quality and inaudible in places.

According to the Boston Herald, Randall was also released from prison in 2015 and Smart, who has always said she was innocent, has earned two master’s degrees behind bars. There is a website seeking her freedom.

The Pamela Smart Trial footage (part 1)This coverage of the Pamela Smart trial, from March 18-20, 1991, leads into the closing arguments, the end of testimony and concludes with discussion towards . Here is footage from the Pamela Smart trial at the Rockingham County courthouse in Exeter, New Hampshire from March 14-18, 1991 as broadcast on WMUR . Pamela Smart and…2017-08-16T17:01:36.000Z

Vance Lattime Jr. and Raymond Fowler were in the car when the murder occurred and were also released. Smart was at a school board meeting when the murder unfolded. “This isn’t ‘Orange is the New Black,’ not even close,” Pamela Smart told New Hampshire Magazine of prison life.

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