Kid Rock on Fox News: ‘Screw That Joy Behar B–ch’ [VIDEO]

Kid Rock, Joy Behar

Getty Kid Rock told viewers to "screw that Job Behar b--ch," live on Fox News Friday morning, and the ladies of The View responded.

Kid Rock was interviewed by Fox News Friday morning and shared what was likely meant to be a positive message to America about putting aside political differences, regardless of beliefs, to love one another … except for Joy Behar. You don’t need to love Joy Behar, according to Kid Rock.

The rock star was initially talking about how people are too politically correct these days, and how people should stop hating each other over differences in opinion. However, as he is expressing what sounds like a message of solidarity, he throws in a jab at Joy Behar, a well-known liberal host of The View.

“I would say love everybody … except I’d say screw that Joy Behar b–ch. Everybody but that!” he said, on live television. Check out the video below.

Steve Doocy, who was interviewing Kid Rock, immediately attempted to cut Kid Rock off and apologize to viewers, telling the rock star that you “cannot say that,” while Kid Rock tries to correct himself by saying “I mean, ‘lady.'”

Kid Rock insisted he was joking, and tried to followup his comment with an explanation. Doocy says, “listen, she just has a different point of view than you do,” to which Kid Rock agrees, claiming the main point of his rant was to bring the country together, and to remind everyone that “we’re all Americans.”

“Exactly, hey maybe I’ll go on [The View] and I’ll hash it out with her and talk about it, but aside from joking, which I was, just go out and hash it out with people and have your thoughts and ideas, but be able to still go have a beer with somebody and be able to say ‘hey, we all love this country, and let’s have different ideas,’ but still try to move forward.”

The video quickly went viral, and Joy, along with the rest of “The View” crew addressed Kid Rock’s statement on air Friday morning. Check out Behar’s reaction below.

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Although Behar smiled and invited the rock star to join “this bitch and these bitches” on the show and to have a beer together, the other ladies were a bit torn. Meghan McCain was confused as to why Kid Rock would suddenly be so “off tone” to how he normally relays his political views.

“I just wish he practiced what he preaches just as we should all practice what we preach,” McCain said. “Coming together – because we are all ultimately Americans.”

Behar finished the clip by joking about Fox “having to apologize for something,” especially on her 20th anniversary as a host on The View.

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