READ: Details of Prostitution Arrest of Robert Kraft [Graphic & Explicit]

The details are graphic and explicit. Florida prosecutors have made public the case against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, 77, in an arrest document that will be presented to the court charging him with two counts of soliciting another to commit prosecution. Authorities in Palm Beach County announced last week that Kraft and several other men would be charged in part of a sex trafficking investigation at a Jupiter spa.

Kraft is accused of making two visits to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida, on January 19 and again on January 20. The latter was on the day of the Patriots’ AFC Championship Game victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. On the January 19 visit, he allegedly paid for two women, records show.

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The arrest documents states Kraft allegedly entered the massage parlor on two separate occasions in January.

On January 19, two women at the spa were seen on surveillance cameras “manipulating his genitals” and when the alleged sex act was completed, he was cleaned off and handed each a $100 bill.

On January 20, massage parlor employees brought Kraft to a room, where he disrobed, laid on his back on a massage table and instructed the woman to hug him, according to court documents. She soon began “manipulating Kraft’s penis and testicles and then put her head down by his penis. This went on several minutes,” police said. The woman cleaned him and gave her two bills, including a $100 bill.

A 2015 blue Bentley was waiting for Kraft outside, the documents read.

The prostitution and human trafficking case is brought by Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

Here’s the full press conference:

Aronberg says the Jupiter Police Department handed over their files on the prostitution and human trafficking sting. His office decided to charge 25 people.

If convicted on the first-degree misdemeanor charge, soliciting another to commit prostitution, Kraft would face up to a year in jail, a mandatory $5,000 fine and 100 hours of community service and a “class on the dangers of prostitution and human trafficking.” Aronberg called human trafficking “modern-day slavery.”

In misdemeanor cases, Aronberg said, local residents are sent a summons to appear. A “low-level warrant” is issued for out of area residents. Kraft’s residence is in Massachusetts.

“…the cold reality is that many prostitutes in cases like this are themselves victims often lured into this country with promises of a better life only to be forced to live and work in a sweatshop or a brothel performing sex acts for strangers,” Aronberg said, pointing to the “larger picture we must all confront.”

Aronberg called human trafficking “evil in our midst.”

“It is also fueled by the demand side, demands from otherwise law-abiding citizens who are not aware or don’t want to be aware about those being exploited …”

Kraft has denied all wrongdoing. A spokesman for the Patriots issued a statement sayin, “We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”