Ruth Bader Ginsburg Looks ‘Resplendent’ in First Public Appearance & the Internet Wants Photos

Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Concert


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made her first public appearance since her cancer surgery the night of Monday, February 4. But so far, no photos have surfaced of her public appearance, and some people are expressing their disappointment online. Others, meanwhile, are just happy that she’s improved enough to go to a concert. She seems to be recovering well from her surgery, but the social media world is wanting photos to see just how she’s doing.

Ginsburg’s first public appearance was for Notorious RBG in Song, a musical about Ginsburg’s life. Her daughter-in-law, Patrice Michaels, created and performed in the musical. It was presented for high school students at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

As soon as the news broke that she made a public appearance, people began asking online for photos. So far, there don’t seem to be any photos or videos. But of course, that could change at any time.

The Constitution Center streamed the musical, which you can watch below. People have been scouring the video for signs of Ginsburg, but so far haven’t spotted her. The video is taken from one viewpoint, and accounts say she was sitting in the back, so she may have simply been out of the camera’s view during her visit.

Jeffrey Rosen, President & CEO of the Constitution Center, tweeted that he was thrilled to see her there Monday night.

According to The Washington Post, 85-year-old Ginsburg sat in the back and was only seen as she was leaving. Her daughter-in-law didn’t tell anyone she was there, and Ginsburg didn’t make any kind of speech to the crowd.

However, quite a few people spotted her and, although they haven’t shared photos, they talked about how great she looked. David Hagedorn, a Washington Post contributor, said on Twitter about her appearance, “What a delight to see RBG tonight at Notorious RBG in Song, written & beautifully performed by her daughter-in-law, Patrice Michaels. She sat in the back, a few rows behind us, looking resplendent. Being hugged & wished a happy birthday by her made a grand night spectacular.”

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Nina Totenberg of NPR said she looked “quite glam.”

Michelle Olsen said she slipped in and out with little fanfare.

On December 21, Ginsburg had a pulmonary lobectomy after cancerous nodules were found in her left lung. The recovery time can be as long as eight weeks, The Washington Post noted, so her being out of the public eye for so long isn’t really that unusual. While she’s been gone, she’s voted in cases after reading briefs and transcripts, and has helped decide which cases the Supreme Court accepts on its docket.

The latest news about her health was quite positive. The Supreme Court said on January 11, “Her recovery from surgery is on track. Post-surgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease, and no further treatment is required.”

Her son, James, said Ginsburg is walking a mile a day and working with a trainer, The Washington Post shared.

Joe Palmore of Morrison & Foerster was at the concert and said it was great to see her there.

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And while some are disappointed not to see any photos of Ginsburg, others are just happy to hear that she made it to the concert.

Now everyone’s waiting to see if she’ll attend the State of the Union on Tuesday night. But chances are high she won’t, since she didn’t attend President Donald Trump’s last State of the Union or his first speech in 2017 to a joint session of Congress. In fact, even Justice Clarence Thomas hasn’t been to a State of the  Union since 2009.