How Did Beto & His Wife, Amy O’Rourke, Meet? Here’s Their Love Story

Beto and Amy O'Rourke


Just one look at Beto O’Rourke and his wife, Amy Sanders O’Rourke, reveals that the two are deeply in love. Beto seems to be his wife’s biggest fan, helping her prep and feel confident before she speaks during his rallies for President, and watching out for her even when crowds are wanting to shake his hand. Read on to learn more about how they met and their life together.

Beto and Amy O’Rourke are practically inseparable. When he was running for Senate, she was often seen with him on the campaign trail and on his live streams. Now that he’s running for President, she’s still right by his side. Beto made it clear that he had to get Amy’s OK before he ran for President, and they’re all in this journey together as a family.

Amy and Beto met when she returned to El Paso in 2004 after living in Guatemala for a year. He took her on their first date to the Kentucky Club, a bar in Ciudad Juarez that may have invented the first margarita. What many don’t know is that their first date was a blind date, Oprah Magazine shared. After their date, a camera crew stopped and asked them to kiss for a TV commercial. Beto, being a gentleman, took the pressure off Amy by telling the crew that they were brother and sister.

They were married in September 2005, 10 months after their first date, and have three young children: Ulysses, Molly, and Henry. She’s nine years younger than Beto.

They’ve always been partners in all their ventures. In 1999 Beto co-founded Stanton Street Technology, an Internet services company that develops websites and software. Amy took over as president and owner in 2013.

In 2010, when Beto began considering a run against for Representative, she started crying about the idea and wasn’t sure how to take the change, Texas Monthly reported. But two years later, she came around to the idea. She was concerned that being in politics would change him, but it didn’t. Beto later said that his Senate race was the “first one where I felt like we both made the decision together.” In fact, after Donald Trump won the Presidency, it was Amy who first suggested Beto’s Senate run, KVUE reported. She told Beto: “I think you should go see if you can’t do something that’s more effective than what you’re doing now.”

And of course, now they’re 100 percent united in Beto’s run for President of the United States.

Their interactions have caused a lot of joy from his supporters, who love seeing how in love they are and how Beto looks out for his wife. Here’s one photo a supporter shared of Beto encouraging Amy before she gave a speech at his rally.

And in this video, you can see Beto arriving for his first speech in Austin and pausing to make sure that Amy didn’t trip over a cord on the ground.

And here’s Beto watching Amy giving a speech before he took the stage. You can tell he’s really in love with her.

Here’s another photo of the two.

Beto O’Rourke’s supporters love seeing Beto and Amy together. We’ll see a lot more of them as the campaign progresses.

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