GoFundMe Raises Money for Daughters of Deputy Who Died in Houston Shooting

amanda crowder harris county deputy gofundme

Facebook Harris County Deputy Amanda Crowder was 33.

Two GoFundMe campaigns are raising money for the daughters of Harris County Deputy Amanda Crowder. The 33-year-old died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in Houston while off duty on January 17, 2022, authorities say. Mandi Crowder is survived by her two daughters, according to a GoFundMe set up to help with funeral costs and other expenses. She was 33.

Sheriff Ed Gonzlez said on January 18, “With heavy hearts we mourn the loss of HCSO Deputy Amanda Crowder. We continue to pray for the family, friends, and teammates impacted by the untimely loss of a dedicated public servant. Deputy Crowder served our agency since 2014. Previous assignments included Patrol District 2 (NE Harris County, Aldine), Special Investigations Division, and Detention Officer. Previously, she served as a peace officer with Metro Police Department for nearly three years. She will be missed, May she Rest In Peace.”

Gonzalez said a day earlier, “An off-duty HCSO deputy sustained a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound.” Crowder was a passenger in a pickup truck when she was shot. The driver, an off-duty Houston firefighter, took her to a nearby fire station and she was rushed to a local hospital, where she later died, police said. The Houston Police Department is investigating, but few details about the incident have been released.

According to her family, Crowder was the daughter of Ron Crowder and Karen Hughes Crowder. Her family said in a Facebook post, “With deep sorrow I wanted to let our Friends and Family know we lost our Grandaughter Manda Marie this morning. … Our Family is just devastated as we try to navigate this life with out Amanda. The Family will follow up with updates as we are able and with Service arrangements.” Along with her daughters and parents, she is also survived by her brother and sister.

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A GoFundMe Set Up to Help Crowder’s Family Said Her ‘Radiant Smile Would Brighten Up the Darkest of Rooms’

David Martinez, who started a GoFundMe to help Crowder’s family, wrote on the campaign page, “As you all know by now, we have lost a dear, beautiful friend way too soon. For everyone that knew Amanda ‘Mandi’ Crowder, knew that her radiant smile would brighten up the darkest of rooms, and her laughter would add cheer to our worst days. Her love for her friends, family and two beautiful daughters were what mattered to her the most. She was known as the friend who would drop everything to help a friend out at a moments notice and never ask for anything in return.”

Martinez added, “Well now it’s our time to return the favor. Her family is in need of our emotional and financial support during these troubled times. They are respectfully requesting assistance for funeral costs, so we may celebrate her life the way she would have done for any of us. Please donate what you can, so we can celebrate the rising of a beautiful angel who will be missed dearly.”

Terry Garza also started a GoFundMe to help the family. Garza wrote, “This morning we woke up to some devastating news that our Blue Sister Amanda Crowder was shot and in critical condition in the hospital. Tragically she succumbed to her injuries and passed away surrounded by family and many people that love her. So many of us have been devastated since we all heard about it.”

Garza added, “Her two beautiful daughters and family members are now having to go on without her. These funds are being raised to help them out since she is now gone. If you knew her, you knew she was a great person with a big heart. If you didn’t know her, she was an amazing mother, daughter, sister, police officer and friend. She has been protecting and serving her community since she was 19 years old and she loved her job. If you are able to, please donate to her family.”

A Former Harris County Deputy Said Crowder Was ‘One Damn Good Cop. But More Importantly One Great Daughter, Mom & Friend’

amanda crowder deputy houston

Harris County Sheriff/GoFundMeHarris County Deputy Amanda Crowder died in Houston on January 17, 2022.

Harris County Constable Precinct 1 Deputy Constable Rex Evans, a former training officer with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, wrote in a tribute to Deputy Amanda Crowder on Facebook, “There was something inside of you which, drove you to always strive to be your absolute best. From your time at the Academy, through the Field Training Program to your first, Felony Arrest. Not once, did you ever hesitate or refrain from doing your job. From fulfilling, your Duty as, a Harris County Deputy Sheriff.” Evans added:

Equally, perhaps more importantly, as a Daughter and yourself being a Mother, your tenacious drive to be not just a good person, parent and friend, you strived each and every day to, be an example. To in fact, be a beacon of light for your children and everyone around you.

Truly, you were the kind of Cop who very few in this profession earn and are described as “A Cop’s, Cop.” You excelled because, you wouldn’t quit. Even when some, foolishly tried to get you to quit. You turned their negativity into a positive force for, excelling and succeeding.

Quitting, just wasn’t in your DNA. Failing at anything, was not a part of your life’s agenda. Not ever. And, it showed. You even saved a few lives, along the way. Not everyone knew that fact. You yourself, probably didn’t even fully realize the significant and positive impact you made upon the lives of friends and strangers, alike.

Evans added, “You were such and inspiration, to so many. I’ve only one thought, aside from my own sorrow and grief at your incredibly and untimely passing. And that is, the legacy of who you were and the brilliant light you brought into a world full of darkness, shall carry on for many years to come. I’ve often felt, those whom we’ve lost, were never truly or completely gone, so long as we carried and kept the memories of their life, alive. And not let the shadow of their death, dampen or darken the light of their life.”

He wrote, “Though you, may be gone. There remains much to be uncovered and revealed as to what led up to the final moments of your life. And, I am definitively sure, those truths shall come forward. No matter what, I just wanted the world to not only know about you but, to know your name. One damn good Cop. But more importantly, one great daughter, mom and friend. The kind of person, we should all, aspire to one day ourselves, actually be.”

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dick nose
dick nose
4 months ago

stupid cop almost fails at suicide so let’s all foot the bill because her family didn’t get the payoff they hoped for because this dumb bitch killed herself & forfeited all her police benefits

william coffee
william coffee
4 months ago

Murder. Not a doubt in my mind.

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